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Thread: Steelers away game - air travel is experiencing turbulence

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    Steelers away game - air travel is experiencing turbulence

    Per a league source, roughly 20 teams may end up without charter arrangements for the 2017 season. According to, American recently suspended its charter arrangements with six NFL franchises: the Cardinals, Ravens, Colts, Jaguars, Dolphins, and Steelers.
    The reason given for the suspension of service is that the airline lacks the machinery to do the job
    The source said that roughly 20 teams currently don’t have a charter provider for the coming season, and that it could become a “real issue” for the league.

    they better fix this sooner than later
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    So, does this mean "coach" class for our boys???? Does the "STEELERS" jet get grounded???? Does "OUR" coach (message board coach) get to fly coach with the team??? Stay tuned as these and many more answers will be found.......................

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    Just don't go United. Sorry Ben, I know this is a big game, playoffs and all. But hey, we are giving you 250 United dollars.

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    I'm sure they'll come to terms with another airline.
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    A billion dollar team can afford to purchase their own private charter.

    If not sign up for NetJets, and they better off.



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