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Thread: Report: School-Issued Computers ‘Spy’ on Children Without Parental Consent

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    Report: School-Issued Computers ‘Spy’ on Children Without Parental Consent

    A new report finds that, under the guise of “personalized learning,” school-issued computer devices — now distributed to one-third of K-12 students in schools across the United States — are serving to collect and store an unprecedented amount of personal data on children without their parents’ notice or consent.

    A newly released investigation by Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) reveals student use of technology in school has grown at a profound rate, especially with free or low-fee devices issued by schools.

    Student information collected by education technology services through these devices includes not only personally identifying information (PII) – such as name and date of birth – but also browsing history, location information, contact lists, and behavioral data.

    Student data is also often automatically uploaded to the cloud – all without the knowledge of parents.


    Teachers don't like getting their fingers dirty with chalk and a chalkboard anymore

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    Schools are fucked anyway

    High School Girl Had A Water Gun. She gets expelled for a YEAR

    In the latest incident of anti-gun hysteria to erupt in a school setting, officials overseeing a school district in Alabama have expelled a 16-year-old girl for an entire year because she had a water gun at school.

    Sara Nichols and her mother say the teen girl did not bring the water gun to school. Instead, the mother and daughter claim, a male classmate gave Nichols the water gun to Nichols "as a joke."

    Nichols put the water gun in her backpack, and then in the backseat of her car. The trouble started for Nichols on the following Tuesday when a concerned student told officials at Prattville High that she saw Nichols with a gun.



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