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Thread: Alcoa Corp. moving headquarters back to Pittsburgh

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    Alcoa Corp. moving headquarters back to Pittsburgh

    Turning blue states red!

    Alcoa Corp. announced Wednesday afternoon that the company's North Shore office will soon serve as its global headquarters again, a decade after its predecessor Alcoa Inc. left for New York City.

    The move restores Alcoa's global headquarters to a Pittsburgh office that has essentially been split in half after the original company spun out Alcoa in order to create the newly formed public company Arconic (NYSE: ARNC), which also operates out of the North Shore building. Arconic, which is headquartered in New York City, lost its CEO, former Alcoa Chairman and CEO Klaus Kleinfeld, in a corporate shakeup earlier this week.

    While the company has always maintained a significant presence in the region, Alcoa's decision to bring its headquarters back to the city in which it was first launched re-establishes some bragging rights for Pittsburgh.

    The company's 2016 revenue of more than $9.3 billion puts it among the Pittsburgh area's five largest public companies.

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    Thank You President Trump!

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    I loved the Alcoa "fantastic finishes" and "you make the call" commercials in the 80's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oicu8ad View Post
    I loved the Alcoa "fantastic finishes" and "you make the call" commercials in the 80's.
    Go Alcoa!

    William Shatner as a Nazi!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stewey View Post
    Thank You President Trump!

    1. Trump had nothing to do with this.

    2. Alcoa is streamlining operations,there will be no new jobs created.

    3. Alcoa will be moving a total of......yes wait for it......10... TEN! from New York to Pittsburgh.

    4. Your president is still a worthless incompetent buffoon, whether in matters of the economy or foreign policy.

    5. That impeachment pie is still cooking and will be DELICIOUS! We just added a little Carter Page asking for immunity from prosecution last week to sweeten it a little. Mmmmmmm.....mmmm!



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