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    Tomlin admits "staff" dropped ball on defense

    Stop playing the s so far back. And need more meat in our dl they are using 4-2-5 only problem is cam gets doubled and buggs nor wormley are winning and when the mlb comedown hill the ol are ready to push them at the second level. If Carlos Davis is healthy he needs to dress if not I have had...
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    Off season moves

    If we comes with nothing going back to fb fine if not try hard for Russ guy hasn’t had a running game or a d to rely since the botched sb draft would give Seattle this year n next year 1 or 1st and next year’s 2 I think looking at the ol you can expect green to get better as well as Moore Dotson...
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    Calling out Draft Bust Edwards

    need to play Edmunds more in the box use him on those SS blitzes that dick used to call troy like when troy sacked carr 3 times, he has a great burst look at tape Butler and I think the blitz they used to run with troy and will Allen was called the snake blitz He can blow up backs or QB...
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    New Mock Draft: Pitt to Pittsburgh?

    I see Willis as first wb then it could be between corral and Pickett I would in rnd 1 go nt or rg and trade to top of rnd 2 for Pickett.
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    College Football Week 11

    With all the wholes det has wouldn’t be a bad idea if they take Hutchinson at 1 if they are still the worst team come new year. He is a chase young type blue chip game changer.
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    College Football Week 11

    Farris needs to spread out and run some slants should be trying to use Edwards on a wheel route
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    College Football Week 11

    Let’s go wolverines
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    Steelers Injury Report 11/11

    I rather see him as receiver 4 rather than Ray, we should promote Miller, or should made a clsim for Josh Reynolds
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    Steelers Injury Report 11/11

    Use Ebron as a WR slot and on the outside the way ATL lines up Pitts
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    Is it time to sit Moore for a bit?

    mat needs to give moore help put gentry next to help with him
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    Steelers WR Chase Claypool (toe) considered week-to-week

    need to elavate miller now and add a fa
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    Hummmm what could this mean?

    Yes the 60 white jersey with yellow pants block numbers would look great and great marketing promo for all steeler stores to increase sale as nostalgic look and impulse buy greater sales should hopefully go towards use of signing bonus hopefully what ever the mustard bowl will be called next...
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    Roethlisberger Injured

    They can’t leave him 5 wide without gentry chipping on the blindside use combo of 4 receiver 1 1 back set where the receivers are DJ chase muth gentry as chip n go with Harris n McFarland as the running rb rotate muth with Washington or Miller
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    DeSean or Odell anyone?

    ill take Jackson to replace WR reps for Ray Ray and Miller replace for Washington
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    Steelers Looking for DL at Trade Deadline

    Nothing happened let’s see how Biggs progresses they are using Henry m as a de he is a quick penetrating dl better to play the under dt and cam the ng with wormley as the de I think the best. Nickel set we can use is De watt dt buggs dt wormley de heyward