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    Fire Tomlin

    Cowhers last year he lost the fire. You could tell he was ready to retire. I don’t blame him as he found joy in life outside football. But I wish we had a coach again who has passion in his belly.
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    Fire Tomlin

    Just watched a YouTube video that popped on after Pittsburgh Dad. Highlight video of roethlisberger’s rookie season. One thing I noticed, besides how mobile Ben was, was how everyone hustled. Cam Heyward hustled to stop Herbert and we all give kudos. But under Cowher everyone hustled. I would...
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    Fire Tomlin

    You literally sound retarded.
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    Off season moves

    The off-season moves is determined by if Roethlisberger wants to come back. If he retires I really hope we don’t overpay for a QB only one year his junior. I’d rather spend some of that money on the offensive line maybe a couple of secondary starters and re-upping any young guys that are or...
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    Calling out Draft Bust Edwards

    I’ve been saying this since I did my draft write up on him. He flourished playing LB/S hybrid at VT. But Tomlin and Co decided to try to fit the square peg in the round hole. I bet if he leaves another team uses him as a nickel backer or tampa 2 mlb. And he’s more successful
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    QB Sleepers

    Going to start my positional evaluations. Might as well start with QB. As always I’ll try to have my big board out prior to the draft and as always The Nation is welcome to use anything they see fit for the site. In no particular order. Bailey Zappe Pros- Fiery competitor, very cerebral, a...
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    Bitch all you want

    Tomlin is a shitty coach but this one would have been tough to overcome the injuries and that Ben not practicing all week. Tough loss.
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    Fire Tomlin

    If it wasn’t for Roethlisberger we’d be the Detroit Lions the last 15 years.
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    Looking at the teams holes in 2022

    Fair enough. I personally think the difference might have something to do with Green 25 reps at 225 vs Dotson 35. Functional strength. I feel Green could get stronger but really needs to focus on the weight room this offseason.
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    Ben is playing against San Diego

    Odds are on A.
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    Looking at the teams holes in 2022

    You’re fine with him only being the dime back and getting 1/3 of the snap count? I personally think he should be a larger part of the secondary. I did say, “Heyward is getting long in the tooth”.
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    Looking at the teams holes in 2022

    I still haven’t see Dotson get thrown into the QB yet. I don’t care how much Green weighs he gets pushed back to easily.
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    Looking at the teams holes in 2022

    Green doesn’t have enough sand in the pants for guard. He needs to hit the weights hard and gain functional strength and weight. I think Moore might make a better RT than LT.
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    Mac Jones

    I didn’t have Justin Fields or Trey Lance as first round picks. I had Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson and Mac Jones as top 15 picks. Lawrence and Wilson are on garbage teams so their struggles might turn around. Field’s can’t read a defense and is very inaccurate. Lance is 100% a development...
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    Fire Tomlin

    Remember Todd Haley has this weird infatuation with tiny running backs. I think Canada has the same thing. He wanted McFarland and he hasn’t done squat. Ray Ray is similar but must be marginally better than McFarland because he’s getting a hat Sunday. But neither are good.