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    any of us could have written this article

    That's the Pitt media for you. They all act like they ask the hard/tough questions, but on the other hand they are pretty soft. They all stop short of calling for it for him to be fired.
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    Pens Hockey 2021?

    Bob McKenzie @TSNBobMcKenzie 8m LAK will be retaining salary on Carter and receiving a couple of conditional draft picks from PIT.
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    Pens Hockey 2021?

    Bob McKenzie @TSNBobMcKenzie 13m LAK players saying their goodbyes to Jeff Carter, who is off to PIT.
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    First-pick.com - 2021 - and so it begins.

    24: R1 P24 OT Teven Jenkins - Oklahoma State 55: R2 P23 TE Pat Freiermuth - Penn State 87: R3 P23 C Drake Jackson - Kentucky 127: R4 P23 CB Ambry Thomas - Michigan 140: R4 P36 S Kary Vincent Jr. - LSU 216: R6 P31 QB Kellen Mond - Texas A&M 243: R7 P18 EDGE Charles Snowden - Virginia 252: R7 P27...
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    First-pick.com - 2021 - and so it begins.

    24: R1 P24 OT Rashawn Slater - Northwestern 55: R2 P23 TE Brevin Jordan - Miami (FL) 87: R3 P23 RB Javonte Williams - North Carolina 125: R4 P23 CB Josh Jobe - Alabama 138: R4 P36 S Bubba Bolden - Miami (FL) 207: R6 P28 DL Bobby Brown - Texas A&M 240: R7 P18 P Max Duffy - Kentucky 249: R7 P27 C...
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    I started a Pens group on Mewe

    Thank you! I will join. Dramabook ends for me on Sunday.
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    SN Fantasy...who is coming back???

    Buster I will mail you a check when it's time. I did this with Justin.
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    Will the NFL/Godell do the right thing and investigate what went on at the match?

    This is what I've been talking about to friends for the past few days. This falls on the Kitchens who needs to be investigated. On the same play that JuJu got injured, a roughing the passer penalty was called on Chad Thomas. This wasn't mentioned in the article and seems to be forgotten by...
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    Pretty simple: Steelers fan or Tombert fan

    I think the players have quit, as they've become frustrated with coaching. Something is seriously going on with this team.
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    September Steelers

    Dupree isn't lost, he's just isn't any good. ANOTHER wasted first rounder.
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    Brown to Pats

    During the national anthem protest, I only watched the Steelers games. I was slowly coming back to watching more games recently, but now I'll be back to Steelers games only. I was close to going to a preseason game this year because that's about all I can afford with the prices. I'm glad I saved...
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    Steeler Nation League

    I'm in
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    Day 3 some top players still available

    Foster Moreau should be our 4th round pick.