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    Chiefs vs Bills

    These teams are so much better then the Steelers. Coaches to players to QBs. We would have faked everyone out with our run run pass play calling for sure!
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    Antonio Brown Stay Classy

    I’ve seen too many times people defending and him and saying he’s only getting released because he’s black. What the hell ia wrong with people
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    Antonio Brown Stay Classy

    No way he created that… you know his ass can’t spell that well.
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    Report: Steelers Expected To Tender QB Dwayne Haskins

    Sounds good. If another team is dumb enough to sign him away, we get a 1st pick coming back. I’ll take it
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    What will the Pittsburgh Steelers off-season look like?

    I’m happy with Linderbaum or Trevor Penning as the 1st round pick
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    REPORT: Steelers plan to promote Teryl Austin to Defensive Coordinator

    Same as it ever was…. He’s got secondary experience…. Our secondary stinks dog ass
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    For Harvin III, Some Things are Bigger than Football

    This adds context to everything for sure. He seems like he has his head on the right way and I bet we see a very focused, solid punter next year. Stay strong young man.
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    Analysis: NFL moving closer to 1st female head coach

    So how does it work out with a woman in the Locke room around naked men? The NFL is all about no sexual conduct etc. Just something to think about.
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    Can Dwayne Haskins be the Steelers solution at quarterback?

    Dobbs would make a great QB coach IMO
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    Mike Mayock

    I’d take Polk Highs own legendary Al Bundy as GM before I took Mayock.
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    Steelers Early Roster Outlook for 2022

    I would 100% try to trade Tomlin. Surely he would love a job in Miami or something
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    Game Balls, Game Goats & FU's...........................@ Chiefs

    That’s not really a trick play for them… they do that all season. Our coaches just never watch film or something
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    Game Balls, Game Goats & FU's...........................@ Chiefs

    Claypool is about as effective as Limas Sweed with his bad hands. But at least Sweed was a willing blocker. Tomlin may be a nice guy, but he’s a shit coach and his no losing seasons mean very little when you get your ass kicked in the playoffs so often. This team need a complete reboot.
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    What a shitty ending

    If he ever writes a book….I would love to hear his true thoughts on Tomlin