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    Just watched some 2008 playoff games...

    That would be one David 'whiif"Johnson
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    Thank You, Tunch

    Thanks to and prayers for Tunch
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    The Top 3 Troy Polamalu Plays

    One of my favorite Troy plays happened on a Monday night VS the Colts. Manning was out injured. Troy came from the front side and jumped in the air with hands up forcing the QB (Painter?) to hold the ball. When Troy's feet hit the turf, Debo strip-sacked the QB from behind as he was bringing...
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    What free agents would you like to see the Steelers bring in still?

    Jesse James and thats about it until we see what we have in our rookies and other guys we signed. There still will be at least 2 more waves of cuts: post june 1st cap cuts and then cutdown day. IF we need to fill holes there should be talent at a better price later.
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    BREAKING: Pittsburgh Steelers 2021 Schedule Released

    . . .and we beat him twice, ending his career in the Denver game . . .
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    You know you wanted to hear it - Pittsburgh Dad reacts to the Draft

    Back when we used to run Najeh Davenport up in behind Wille Colon, that was the SHIT!
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    Alejandro Villanueva comments on leaving Steelers, joining Ravens

    Ravens press trying to turn this into something it isn't. They suck, in all ways, shapes and forms.
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    Legendary Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw calls out Aaron Rodgers

    Rodgers wants to be a player/GM. Good luck with that. Maybe he should just retire and apply for a GM job somewhere.
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    Mock our draft

    Rules: As always, if you change a pick it has to be for someone who went after that pick was taken. If you pass on the player we did take, you must assume he would then be gone by our next pick. Do Not create trades. Sure, I would have loved to trade down in 1st getting one of the top 3...
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    Draft Grades

    Not into giving grades as it takes at least 3 years to know, for sure, what you have. I was surprised that we passed on T's and C's early who could have been plug and play players. Tombert must have a higher opinion of our o-line and secondary than most of us here. I will be cheering for each...
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    Saturday draft day used to be one of my favorite times of the year. Gathered with other fans of Steelers and other teams at a local bar, giving each other shit all day long . . .good times! Hate the prime time move as i work night and now can only follow on the 'puter.
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    Killing time before the draft, Twitter discussion I saw,

    He was never used right . . .