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  1. steelerscotty

    Mock our draft

    Rules: As always, if you change a pick it has to be for someone who went after that pick was taken. If you pass on the player we did take, you must assume he would then be gone by our next pick. Do Not create trades. Sure, I would have loved to trade down in 1st getting one of the top 3...
  2. steelerscotty

    Kraft charges dropped

    MMM-Hmmm, not like this was unexpected. Evil is allowed to endure . . . https://www.yahoo.com/sports/prosecutors-drop-prostitution-charges-against-patriots-owner-robert-kraft-174337024.html
  3. steelerscotty

    Hatred for the Titans

    I am declaring an official end for my "Hatred" of the Titans. Understand, growing up, my most hated team was the Oilers! So they moved to Tennessee, but still they wear those Oiler throwbacks. Then there is the so-called music city miracle . . .Bullshit, that was a backwards pass! Anywho...
  4. steelerscotty

    First pick draft sim

    https://www.first-pick.com/Default.aspx Your score is: 25994 (GRADE: B-) Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 19: Wilson, Mack, ILB, Alabama (A-) Round 2 Pick 19: Arnette, Damon, CB, Ohio State (A-) Round 3 Pick 18: Miller, Christian, OLB, Alabama (A+) Round 4 Pick 19: Ximines, Oshane, DE, Old Dominion...
  5. steelerscotty

    first pick draft sim

    Trade sim is unrealistic but this is a great way to get to know some of the players. https://www.first-pick.com/NFL/DraftGame.aspx Your score is: 19329 (GRADE: B+) Your Picks: Round 2 Pick 13 (G.B.): Ronnie Harrison, SS, Alabama (A) traded back twice. spent 3 of first four on db's. ILB...
  6. steelerscotty

    Game ball thread?

    Someone used to do a game ball thread, but I don't see it yet . . . Coach Tomlin gave the game ball to Joe Heyden. Who would you give the game ball to and why? Mine: AB for obvious reasons.
  7. steelerscotty

    R.I.P. Tom Modrak

  8. steelerscotty

    List of rules changes

    http://www.steelers.com/news/article-1/NFL-Owners-approve-rule-changes/4336ac52-3876-445e-8bcb-ddb791dc9b3f One is listed as: "- By Competition Committee; Makes actions to conserve time illegal after the two-minute warning of either half". Does this mean teams wont be able to spike the ball?
  9. steelerscotty

    CB injury with draft impact

    Sidney Jones http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000792534/article/washington-cb-sidney-jones-suffers-apparent-left-leg-injury
  10. steelerscotty

    Cap space

    This article breaks down where stand with cap space heading into free agency: http://www.steelersdepot.com/2017/03/steelers-2017-salary-cap-projected-space-start-free-agency/ Accounting for draft picks and other known variables looks like we have $12,831,749 to spend in free agency. This...
  11. steelerscotty

    Steelers mount rushmore

    Per steelers depot: http://www.steelersdepot.com/2017/02/steelers-mt-rushmore/
  12. steelerscotty

    Who is going to KC?

    I'm in! Driving down Saturday night, staying at the Quality Inn KC-Independence on I70. Driving back after the game. It's about a 5 and half hour drive one way.
  13. steelerscotty

    Alan Faneca HOF finalist

  14. steelerscotty

    No Bengals fined?

    Total fucking BS: http://www.steelersdepot.com/2016/12/steelers-gilbert-tuitt-fined-actions-bengals-game/ How does Tuitt's face mask penalty draw a fine but Burfdefect's multiple fouls don't? He HEADBUTTED our QB for fucks sake!
  15. steelerscotty

    Is the anyone at NFL Network that knows what they are talking about?

    Look, I like David DeCastro. I think he is a good lineman, played lights out last year. In the link below, this idiot is choosing one player from each team that is a lock pro-bowler, and he chose DeCastro for Pittsburgh? No AB? No Bell? No Tuitt? DeCastro has not had his best year and gets...
  16. steelerscotty


    DHB is fast, REALLY fast! http://www.steelersdepot.com/2016/06/technology-proves-heyward-bey-fastest-player-pittsburgh/
  17. steelerscotty

    trading down

    Here is a points chart for trades for the draft: http://www.drafttek.com/NFL-Trade-Value-Chart.asp Here is a scenario: Paxton Lunch and/or Connor Cook are still on the board when we pick with #25. The phone rings, its the donkeys, they want a QB! Steelers rd1(25) it worth 720 points...
  18. steelerscotty

    Injured-designated to return rule change

    Makes sense: http://www.steelersdepot.com/2016/03/owners-vote-to-modify-designated-to-return-rule-for-injured-players/
  19. steelerscotty

    Brice McCain?

    http://www.steelersdepot.com/2016/02/ex-steelers-cb-brice-mccain-one-and-done-with-dolphins/ Seems he will be released by the Fins. We could get him back at near league min, plus still get the 6th-7th round comp pick for losing him last year.
  20. steelerscotty

    2 Steelers named all-pro

    Brown and DeCastro named 1st team all-pro by AP http://www.steelers.com/news/article-1/Brown-DeCastro-named-AP-All-Pro/75c60cd8-2a03-4424-bbdf-fc3284fe759b