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  1. Shane Falco

    Steelers Re-Sign LB Calvin Bundage

  2. Shane Falco

    Watt on Contract Talks: “I Love This Team. I’m Excited to Be Here.”

    Translation- SHOW ME THE MONEY!!
  3. Shane Falco

    OT: Jets Assistant Coach Greg Knapp Dead

    Wow. That sucks
  4. Shane Falco

    BREAKING: Steelers Ink Melvin Ingram To Deal

    Good pickup. I hope he’s used properly. If he plays 10 snaps a game and can make his presence felt and is disruptive and help the defense…that’s all I expect from him
  5. Shane Falco

    Underappreciated Pittsburgh Steelers: Mewelde Moore

    He was someone that was used properly
  6. Shane Falco

    Potentially Surprising Cuts at Linebacker in 2021

    I’m not sure if Allen is gone. A bit undersized last season- his vision and ability to cover TE’s was a pleasant surprise. His ability to blitz the gaps was underwhelming but some bulking up and some work in the off-season could pay off. I think they will find a way to use him properly. I do see...
  7. Shane Falco

    Benny Snell: “I’m just keeping my head down and working”

    I think the stable will consist of Harris, McFarland, Ballage, Snell and D. Watt. Ballage is possibly the next best back to Harris and will probably wind up as the number 2 guy.
  8. Shane Falco

    OK...this is weird. K-DOT has (apparently) pissed off the coaches.

    Training camp is a few short weeks away. I hope this kid turns it around and shows what he can do like he did last season. Maybe next off season , he’ll use his time properly
  9. Shane Falco

    Contract Details For Trai Turner

    that’s what she said
  10. Shane Falco

    Matt Canada Says “We Are Going To Do What Ben Wants To Do”

    That is what I got out of the article. I believe Canada is finding a balance between his offensive strategy and the way Ben likes to play and not be as predictable.
  11. Shane Falco

    Le’Veon Bell: Retirement over Reid

    No. Who’s on first. What’s on second
  12. Shane Falco

    Le’Veon Bell: Retirement over Reid

    Third base. I don’t know is on third base
  13. Shane Falco

    Le’Veon Bell: Retirement over Reid

    No, what is on second. Who is on first
  14. Shane Falco

    Le’Veon Bell: Retirement over Reid

    He’s on first
  15. Shane Falco

    Steeler Nation Host G.Stryker Interviewed on KDKA

    Great interview Stryker. I’m glad you used your airtime properly…lol.
  16. Shane Falco

    Julio Jones to the Titans

    He’s still going to draw coverage and open AJ Brown up more. He’ll catch some key 3rd downs and as long as he’s used properly, he will have a good season
  17. Shane Falco

    Report – Steelers met with Malik Hooker

    When they pay him- do they leave the money on the night stand? Do they call him a cab when finished?
  18. Shane Falco

    Should the Steelers Utilize Derek Watt More Next Season?

    I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt from last year’s explanation about why they didn’t utilize him more in the offense. I do expect to see him on the field a lot more and more touches/uses under the Canada scheme. He should be used properly by Canada. The guy could be utilized as a...
  19. Shane Falco

    Thank You, Tunch

    I had the pleasure of talking to Tunch in the Mall at Robinson. It was a nice casual conversation. He talked to me as if he had known me for years. It started with me recognizing him and saying hi. My wife thought we knew each other. I explained to her who he was. A class act and a true gentleman.
  20. Shane Falco

    Richard Sherman Interested in Joining Steelers

    I like him for depth and he’s a nasty player. The kind you want on your bench come November/December. If used properly would be a valuable signing.