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  1. Steelerfan81

    New SteelerNation Shop

    Alright everyone. We've switched it up for our clothing to one of the best companies in Pittsburgh. While SVC offered us awesome products the turn around time just wasn't there. There will be tons more coming, but you can click on something and find tons of different clothing options. We have...
  2. Steelerfan81

    Dri Archer ending KSU HOF

    Rosie Nix too
  3. Steelerfan81

    Official SteelerNation Tailgate

    We are now a part of the Terrible Tailgate hosted by a fan named Kevin Adams. We joined in with he, and StillerGang to host the best tailgate out there. The information is below.
  4. Steelerfan81

    Do you know of a Steelers Bar?

    Then tell us! What are you waiting for? Let's compile an updated list that we can share with Steeler Nation across the world. We know every city in America has a Steelers Bar, and many across the world. So we'd love to connect everyone with a new list of TRUE Steelers fan spots!
  5. Steelerfan81

    TJ Watt signing!

    If anyone is interested. Link in the post
  6. Steelerfan81

    Support SN and Buy SN Gear

    Guys, if you appreciate what we've done here you can support us by buying some SteelerNation clothing. Or even a koozie. I promise you won't be disappointed by the quality. You can also help a small company from my hometown area
  7. Steelerfan81

    Larry Foote and James Farrior

    If anyone is interested in the upcoming signings with our podcast sponsor Total Sports Enterprises. Here is the details
  8. Steelerfan81

    Welcome to the new forum

    You can do cool things now. For example if you want to call someone into your thread you can tag users. You put hey @Coryea and they'll have a notification. Now you can add posts from social media by just pasting the URL
  9. Steelerfan81

    Tomorrow morning site switch

    The site will switch tomorrow to the new board, and a new server. You will be able to still access the forum by going to www.steelernationforums.com, but it will redirect you to the correct address. The correct address will be SteelerNation.com/forum Around 11am the new site should be live.
  10. Steelerfan81

    Vbulletin switch to xenforo

    Attention all users, I expect the switch to occur sometime this week. You will probably lose access while the switch happens. You will immediately be able to log into your account and post without issue. On the occasion an issue may come up, you can email me at steelerfan81@gmail.com and I...
  11. Steelerfan81

    Site Down

    If the site goes down for a day, or two even. Don't panic. Thanks. Also don't message, text, or email me.
  12. Steelerfan81

    SteelerNation.com Redesign

    Hopefully many have noticed because they have visited the main site, but it received a makeover yesterday. Still have work to do on it, but make sure you all check it out. www.SteelerNation.com
  13. Steelerfan81

    Leaving Vbulletin

    The time may be here for us to leave Vbulletin behind and make a switch. I've been debating on this for awhile, but there are so many broken things on this forum and the software is very outdated. We're currently running vB4 which stopped receiving updates a long time ago. vB 5 is their...
  14. Steelerfan81

    Lynn Swann Autograph Signing

    Might be some collectors on here, so I'll post. Our podcast sponsor is having a private signing with Swann. For the first time in several years, Steelers Super Bowl MVP and HOFer Lynn Swann is having a private signing! You can mail in items or pre-order some amazing items! Don't miss out on...
  15. Steelerfan81

    Zoom Tailgate?

    This is a great idea that JMM thought up. Let us know your thoughts I'm/We're curious to know how many folks here would be interested in joining a 40 minute "Zoom Tailgate" before the games for free (up to 100 users). Then wondering how many would be interested in paying into a subscription...
  16. Steelerfan81

    The Steelers are 13.5 point favorites now

    https://www.sportsbettingdime.com/nfl/odds/2020110809-nfl-pit-dal/ Well look at that... Steelers are heavy 13.5-point favorites for this week's game. Looks like their winning steak is going to continue.
  17. Steelerfan81

    Official Prediction Thread -- Steelers/Giants

    What you got? Steelers 34 Giants 9 Winner receives a signed 8x10 of a Steelers player. Tie breaker - How many yards will James Conner have?
  18. Steelerfan81

    SN Fantasy League

    Guys, Yahoo auto-renewed all the leagues. I unfortunately do not have the time to run this league any longer. If someone wishes to take over I'll gladly turn the league over to them. But hell I missed our own draft last year. I just can't do it. Thanks, sorry it's such short notice.
  19. Steelerfan81

    If you have to wear a mask..

    If you have to wear a mask.. might as well buy one from our affiliate's side. Click here Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Steeler Nation mobile app
  20. Steelerfan81

    Steeler Nation News 6/20

    Hello everyone, I have a few things I'd like to update all of our users on. If you're reading this then you probably noticed the new ads that are on every page of the forum, and embedded into the threads as a post. I understand that not everyone is going to be happy about ads flooding their...