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  1. Cope

    Questions for the Steeler Nation Podcast tonight

    Hi guys, I went to the hospital yesterday with heart palpitations and trouble breathing. I was tested and released. Feel much better today and should be symptom free and clear Covid quarantine by kickoff! We have the Browns game today, any thoughts on the Browns or on our team that you...
  2. Cope

    Covid Colorcast of the Game vs Seattle

    Yup. I caught Covid. So instead of being in Pittsburgh for a great game, I'll be in bed. Colorcasting the game. So if anyone has an apple device and downloads the Colorcast app, you can click on the game and listen to me on the @SNStryker feed. We can chat or talk during the game so...
  3. Cope

    Questions for the Podcast today

    Hey guys, I'm recording today for the 2pm release tomorrow. Any questions for me? Don't hold back!
  4. Cope

    Listen to the Game with the Steeler Nation Colorcast

    Hey guys, I'm trying something new this week. I'll be broadcasting during the entire game starting at 4:20pm and calling it on Colorcast. So if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download the Colorcast app for free, and listen and interact with me during the game. I can even let you on to...
  5. Cope

    Questions for Stefan Logan

    Hey SN! Have Logan on the show this week. Any questions for him? We record the show tomorrow at 2pm.
  6. Cope

    Steeler Nation Podcast Schedule - Where and how to listen and interact!

    Just got back from driving 1000 miles in 24hrs... Here's the schedule for podcasts each week: Tuesdays 1pm after the Presser: Steeler Nation Vidcast (live stream Youtube, @SteeIerNation twitter & Facebook ) Wednesdays 7pm Steeler Nation Colorcast. (Live, audio only, interactive). This is for...
  7. Cope

    Zach Banner on the Podcast this Week!!!

    Hey Guys, Zach is back for his 3rd podcast with us this week. We record Wednesday night at 7:30pm, so bring me your questions and we'll get to them!! Podcast will air Friday at 2pm. Here we go!
  8. Cope

    SN Vidcast

    Hey guys, I'm going live at 1pm, if you have any questions, you can place them here or join us live! www.youtube.com/SteelerNation
  9. Cope

    Steeler Nation Vidcast

    Hey guys, We're trying to run the Vidcast each week after the Mike Tomlin Press Conference at 1pm. This will be our only live show. The podcast won't have live questions, but we will take questions from you all here! Podcasts will be pre recorded and air between 1-2pm on Fridays. Any...
  10. Cope

    Jamis Winston

    Remember when you haters were slamming me for wanting Winston? Dude can fucking play. And yes I'd rather have him than Haskins...
  11. Cope

    Week 1 Podcast with Country Music Star Justin Fabus

    Hey guys, Week 1 is finally upon us. I get the pleasure of interviewing and talking Steelers with country music star Justin Fabus. Let me know if you have any week 1 questions about the team, or questions for Justin. Should be a fun show. We are going to record on Thursday night, and the...
  12. Cope

    Podcast tonight at 6pm

    Hey guys, trying to do a podcast tonight at 6pm. A LOT to talk about with the cuts, final roster, IR, Watt, and pickups. Any questions?
  13. Cope

    Going live after the Carolia Game

    Time for some caffeine. I'll be going live after this snoozefest of a game. Let's talk about who gets cut? www.youtube.com/SteelerNation
  14. Cope

    Live Q&A after the game

    Hi guys, I'm going live on Steeler Nation social media after the game. If you want to add to the fun, join me! www.youtube.com/SteelerNation
  15. Cope

    Going live at 8:30 tonight with Tony DeFeo

    Hey team, Going live in a few minues with Tony DeFeo if you want to join and catch Drunk Cope live! Taking questions www.youtube.com/SteelerNation
  16. Cope

    Podcast today with Brad Lambert

    Hi guys, Going back to 2018 with my first Podcast partner Brad Lambert who is doing some great things out in Hollywood now. Let me know if you have any questions for us. I'll let you guys know when we go live. We were planning around noon, but who knows...
  17. Cope

    SN Quick Inside Slant: Joe Schobert

    Hey guys, Since it's official, I did a long Quick Inside Slant on our social media. If you want to hear the rant, go ahead and give it a listen:
  18. Cope

    The 2nd Best Football Discussion. Hands UP!!!

    Hey guys, I was traveling for work yesterday and wan't able to do a post game Q&A, so I'm going to go live at 6:15pm. www.youtube.com/steelernation Bring questions if you got em.
  19. Cope

    2021 Steelers Injury/Suspension/Inactive/Fine/Covid Tracker

    Hey guys, tracking the roster and injuries, as I do every year... If you want to check it out, follow the link. MOD, please sticky!!
  20. Cope

    Going live at 10am with Locked on Steelers Podcast Host Chris Carter

    Join us live on youtube.com/SteelerNation at 10am for a fun interview of 2 Podcast hosts and Steeler Analysts. Feel free to post questions here and we'll get to them. Otherwise join live for shoutouts and live questions. We will cover the Joe Haden contract ask today from Rosenfuck.