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  1. OhioSteel

    Hello, I tried to sell mine a couple weeks ago to this game with no luck. However, as much as...

    Hello, I tried to sell mine a couple weeks ago to this game with no luck. However, as much as it pained me I contacted a Seatlle ticket broker that was pretty fair in the price they gave me. It was close to face their number is 206-281-7060 and its called Epic Tickets. I talked to James and...
  2. OhioSteel

    Pittsburgh Dad on the Broncos game

    Always enjoy PD!
  3. OhioSteel

    Tix for sale- Seahawks

    FYI Tix are sold! Thanks for letting me post them.
  4. OhioSteel

    Tix for sale- Seahawks

    Night game, Rematch of SBXL, Ben’s last season. Send offer
  5. OhioSteel

    Tix for sale- Seahawks

    Well worth it. lol
  6. OhioSteel

    Tix for sale- Seahawks

    Thanks. I'm pretty bummed because that is one of the main games I wanted to attend because the rarely play here and it's a night game which is always high energy.
  7. OhioSteel

    Tix for sale- Seahawks

    I have two tickets for the Seahawks game on Oct 17th that I can't attend. so I'm looking to sell them. The game is Sunday night at 8:20 and I have really nice seats in the second row of Section 218. I'm just looking to get face value for them ($132 each). If interested let me know or PM me. Thanks!
  8. OhioSteel

    Steelers Hosed on Offsides Call before Half

    Anyone who says it wouldn't have changed the mind set of both teams should re-watch the Bengals Jags game to see how both teams played much differently after the Jags got stuffed on goal line right before the half. Its a what if, but I think the would have lifted the Steelers second half...
  9. OhioSteel

    Steelers bills prediction thread. #soitbegins

    Steelers 27 Bills 31 Ben 281yds
  10. OhioSteel

    PGA Golf

    So glad to see Lefty play well for four days. Huge win!!
  11. OhioSteel

    Ask Drunk Cope, Post Draft Edition!!!!! (until mommy puts him to bed)

    IIRRC, I think same thing happened with shoot the dog and install field turf.
  12. OhioSteel

    Thank you Ben

    That really sucked seeing him on the sidelines. For sure HOFer and incredible career highlights. He's one tough son of a bitch and leaves it all on the field. Hope he comes back if he feels up to it.
  13. OhioSteel

    Big Fan Question

    Happens a lot here in Ohio. Bunghole fans are more obnoxious than Browns but both do that shit when they beat us.
  14. OhioSteel

    Pittsburgh Dad on the bungle Game

    That was great!! ...swear jar is so full its considered a stimulus package. LOL
  15. OhioSteel

    Steelers - bungles part deux prediction thread- #HereKittyKittyWeHaveADivisionToWin

    Anyone going to game this Monday night? I see tickets online at SeatGeek for reasonable prices and seem to be a lot available.
  16. OhioSteel

    Steelers -Bills predication thread #Let'sSeeTheLabResults

    Stillers 31 Bills 30 Conner 77 yards
  17. OhioSteel

    With 5 games left

    I think the Steelers have to be in already. Those 9 teams all play each other at times and ultimately leads to them having a worse record then 11-5. I went through the playoff machine and had Steelers loos every game while having all of the 9 playoff contenders win every game they could. If...
  18. OhioSteel

    Who else is taking a half day off tomorrow?

    That's the play at this time!