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  1. J

    Fire Tomlin

    I think the main job of the coaches is to get the best out of the players. I rarely see that with Tomlin. Just so many scheme issues on an almost weekly basis. If something doesn't work they just keep doing it over and over. In the Lion game it was refusing to stack the line. In the...
  2. J

    College Football Week 13 Rivalry Week

    I like both teams get it at the 25, but the 2pt thing is stupid. Should just keep alternating possessions from the 25
  3. J

    College Football Week 13 Rivalry Week

    Congrats bermuda.....
  4. J

    College Football Week 13 Rivalry Week

    Regardless of who wins this unless bama beats Georgia i don't think they should be in the playoffs
  5. J

    College Football Week 13 Rivalry Week

    I'm pretty shocked at the OSU game. I thought OSU would roll. I think Georgia is the only lock in the playoffs right now. The winner of the OSU UM game certainly has an inside track, but i could certainly see UM losing the champ game if they hold on
  6. J

    Butler called out Devin Bush

    I think most were excited when we drafted Bush. I think most of his problems are mental. He seems very immature and not dedicated. Lazy pursuit and not running to the ball have nothing to do with his knee. Look at how Heyward chased down Herbert (the gut punch play) I don't see Bush making...
  7. J

    Where the clulessness is most evident

    I think it was our first 4th down we didn't even give a threat to run. Najee was in the backfield then sprinted out wide. That was the play Ben shuffled it to PF who got gang tackled. When the team absolutely needs a play they seem to pick out the worst plays possible
  8. J

    Calling out Draft Bust Edwards

    No pass rush we get burned. We don't have the secondary to cover anyone. I want bush to be good, but I don't think he is or will be. He kinda reminds me of Dupree being physically gifted, but does not translate to the field. Plus i don't think he is the most motivated or smart player...
  9. J

    Return of The Maulers

    I thought this was going to be about getting big Oline men. My uncle was a big maulers fan he has a sweet helmet from back in the day.
  10. J

    Steelers -Chargers game thread #LateNightFightA'ght

    We were missing the best defensive player in the league, our best CB, and a pro bowl safety. Not surprised the D got torched. Sure we lack depth, but when you are missing about 30% of your starters especially the caliber of players we were missing not sure any team would be successful.
  11. J

    Steelers -Chargers game thread #LateNightFightA'ght

    Pathetic attempt at a block
  12. J

    Steelers -Chargers game thread #LateNightFightA'ght

    I was just going to say stop throwing all the fades
  13. J

    Steelers -Chargers game thread #LateNightFightA'ght

    Damn Herbert had a 2nd gear there
  14. J

    Steelers -Chargers game thread #LateNightFightA'ght

    Ekeler is a good back, but bush still sucks. Looks like we will need the offense this game
  15. J

    Steelers -Chargers game thread #LateNightFightA'ght

    Low % play just get the first
  16. J

    Steelers -Chargers game thread #LateNightFightA'ght

    Have to catch that one
  17. J

    Steelers -Chargers game thread #LateNightFightA'ght

    Looked like Green snapped the ball then fell down
  18. J

    Afternoon games - What are you watching?

    Who is the best team in the AFC? Every one has at least 3 losses now with Tenn and Balt having the best records. Tenn got stomped today and does not have Henry. Balt has several lucky wins. NE may be the most well rounded team, but they have 4 losses. If I had to pick i would still prob...
  19. J

    Lamar Jackson - OUT vs. da Bears

    Even if the Steelers had an amazing team winning out is highly unlikely. Winning the division is a possibility though, but our schedule is rough. Regardless this team needs to find its way and start looking like an NFL offense or we will be going no where fast