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    QB Sleepers

    Going to start my positional evaluations. Might as well start with QB. As always I’ll try to have my big board out prior to the draft and as always The Nation is welcome to use anything they see fit for the site. In no particular order. Bailey Zappe Pros- Fiery competitor, very cerebral, a...
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    Breakdown of Johnson/Rudolph passes

    https://steelersdepot.com/2021/11/film-room-rudolph-and-johnson-have-faulty-wi-fi-connection/ I can agree with this assessment. I didn’t realize until I saw this that the overthrow by Rudolph on that slant that Johnson slows up to sit as if it was going to be zone but Rudolph correctly reads...
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    Looking at the teams holes in 2022

    Our team holes look like Swiss cheese. QB- Mason Rudolph, Dwayne Haskins, Roethlisberger isn’t under contract so here it is. And I’m assuming they at least tender Haskins. Yep, not good. RB- Najee Harris, Benny Snell, Anthony McFarland (Derek Watt FB) Harris looks to be a stud but nothing else...
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    Missed TD wrong route

    https://steelersdepot.com/2021/11/merril-hoge-places-blame-for-missed-touchdown-on-ray-ray-mccloud-not-mason-rudolph/ Hoge thinks Ray-Ray ran the wrong route. I just thought it was a stupid looking route and a missed pass.
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    Haskins checking his phone and not being attentive during pregame

    https://fansided.com/betsided/posts/latest-dwayne-haskins-report-should-raise-eyebrows-steelers I’m warming up taking a QB early. Rudolph was inconsistent after the early TD. Haskins is still Haskins.
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    Fire Tomlin

    Worst coach in the NFL. Hands down.
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    DeSean or Odell anyone?

    Looks like both will be available. Give Ben another target for his final season or let him ride out the season as is?
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    Way too early Steelers Mock Draft

    Round 1- Kaiir Elam CB Florida Everyone probably yelling for a QB but there’s just not a blue chip prospect to get. Haden likely is gone or at best signs a short term contract to stay. Pierre is up and down and Layne isn’t doing anything special. Elam is big, physical, great technique and is a...
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    It’s time to let Roethlisberger call his plays

    This IS Roethlisberger’s last season and the only time the offense looked good was at the end of the GB game when Roethlisberger played backyard football and called plays at the line. Lets send him out calling his own shots. Win or lose who cares. Let him go out swinging.
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    The draft matters

    Steelers really waited too long to address the offensive line. Not just talking about this year but lets face it passing on Creed Humphry might not have been the best decision. I love Freiermuth but Creed is just killing it this year grading out at 80 in pff and Josh Myers isn’t far behind at...
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    I believe today is the first day he can come back and practice. Sunday is the first game he can play. I don’t know what was wrong with him but I believe it was more emotional distress than physical from his knee. He needs to come back and play hard. We can’t expect backup edge rushers to get to...
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    Should Haskins make the 53 man?

    Simple answer, no. Why, you might ask. First I didn’t see any reason why a character concern such as himself that played mediocre wouldn’t clear waivers for the practice squad. Secondly, keeping Haskins means one of these guys doesn’t make the team and all of these guys make our team better now...
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    Steelers stream

    Any have a Steelers stream for today’s game they can DM me. Thank you in advance
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    My thoughts on first preseason game

    QB- Rudolph looked better than Haskins in my opinion. He made a couple of real nice touch throws and pushed it deep to Claypool on a single coverage mismatch. Haskins did lots of dump offs which isn’t bad but doesn’t win games either. Dobbs looked good vs mostly camp bodies. Imo Roethlisberger...
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    What free agents would you like to see the Steelers bring in still?

    So what free agents would you like the Steelers to maybe bring in? I know there’s not a lot left but that’s probably the only players left in our price range. Here’s my short list. 1- Olivier Vernon Highsmith is starting and Roche is going to get lots of playing time right now. That means TJ...
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    Way too early 53 man roster pred

    QB- (3) Ben Roethlisberger Mason Rudolph Joshua Dobbs RB- (4) Najee Harris Benny Snell Jaylon Samuels Kallen Ballage Derek Watt- (1) WR- (5) JuJu Smith-Schuster Chase Claypool Dionte Johnson James Washington Isaiah McCoy TE- (3) Eric Ebron Pat Freiermuth Zach Gentry OL- (8) Chuks...
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    Mason Rudolph gets extended

    Signed through 2022 now. I believe the writing is on the wall we are watching the last season of Roethlisberger. This is his fair well tour so see him if you can. I’m going to the packers and Vikings games this year. https://www.nfl.com/news/steelers-qb-mason-rudolph-closing-in-on-extension
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    Full Seven Round Mock Draft

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    FordFairLane's 2021 Draft Prospect Big Board

    Sorry I haven't been on much but I was able to get my big board up. Please feel free to use it on the site like last year. I am 99% done with just some tweaks here and there but feel free to comment. I would be happy to explain my rational for my rankings. I have not watched every single...
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    Fordfairlane’s Big Board what do you want me to do first?

    Since NFL football for me is over I might as well start my big board for Steelers Nation. It should be interesting since I’ll have to evaluate more 2019 film than I’d normally do with a lot of players really limited to games this year. What position(s) should I evaluate first. I’ll go in order...