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    any thoughts before the deadline of trading for a decent vet WR someone better than than #14

    We dont know since no one is saying with juju out if its a Attitude issue as to why he is not getting more than like 3-6 reps a game and why a journeyman like Ray-Ray is in there so much as a wr as he is a slippery RB but compact and not strong to break tackles on those screens. I taught...
  2. F83

    College Michigan

    watching this year team reminds of the 2000 steelers pound it on the ground with 2 backs and safe throws but they got to throw it more downfield and use more 5 wide and stack sets for slants. Have 3 huge te all with good hands should of gotten them to run routes to inside the endzone...
  3. F83

    Looking at the OL as a group after the move

    my blogLeave a comment on the blog
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    If the team wants to add depth at S than consider Vaccaro

    It seems either Malik Hooker is damaged goods or is asking too much and Colbert is playing wait n see, a vet with plenty of experience is still there Kenny Vaccaro this was a guy I wanted us to get to replace Troy, hits like a truck decent in coverage but a huge asset vs the run has plenty...
  5. F83


    as per Twitter these udfa have siged with us or agreed OLB Calvin Bundage OK ST CB Shakur Brown MSU S Lamont Wade PSU OLB Jamar Watson Kuntucky CB Demarcus Acy Missouri as per Tom Pelissero
  6. F83

    Pressley harvey111 taken at 256

    dual threat P can throw as well had a great career Last year he won the Ray Guy Award, an honor reserved for the top punter in all of college football He’d earn that big bronze trophy on the strength of an ACC-record 48-yard net average on 45 punts, 18 of which landed inside the 20-yard...
  7. F83

    Perdicting the top 10 picks with 1 trade

    https://farhaan51.wixsite.com/my-site/post/predicting-the-top-10-picks-2021-nfl-draft leave comments or what you think may happen
  8. F83

    Who to take at 24

    I wrote this a week ago tought should share if harris ettinie are gone my vote is OT Jenkins as he is nasty Klemm will love his style to bring the nastyness or toughness on the OL we have lost since Pouncey Gilbert wnt into decline Decastro and AV are more...
  9. F83

    Lb kilesbrew signed 1 year

    As per bleacher report st ace and hopefully ilb depth
  10. F83

    Mock draft Version 1.0 based on 2/20 rankings

    used PFF draft still think their rankings are way off for a lot of guys like Leatherwood, Harris ranked to low 24 OT Leatherwood UAb 55 RB RB Williams UNC 87 Josh Myers OSU 127 WR Nico Collins UM 135 TE Kenny Yeboah Ole Miss 217 OG Jack Anderson Texas @ M 225 Edge Jananarious Watson FSU...
  11. F83

    how much could we save vs the cap if the following guys take cuts

    assuming art mt tell ben to comeback and ben takes pay cut turned into SB as well if say MPO comes back to, haden to vet min, vince to min how much does that free up?
  12. F83

    fans yes or no playoffs

    up to Washington n rats game we had fans any idea if PA governor will allow we need hopefully 20,000 allowed 10 K each side lower bowl
  13. F83

    Banner likely lost for year acl tear

    https://steelersdepot.com/2020/09/the-doctor-is-in-zach-banner-may-have-acl-injury/ Chukes up now I think we should bring in a few vets for depth
  14. F83

    last WR spot

    from the looks it will come down to Cain Switzer and Darboh as 1-4 are locked with us leaning toward carrying 3 te I think we only carry 5 WR 1 juju 2 Thompson 3 Claypool 4 Washington 5 up for grabs i really don't want Ben's friendship influence to keep Switz as he has done...
  15. F83

    ketchup bowl camp ground for 2020

    [URL="https://steelersdepot.com/2020/06/steelers-making-plans-to-hold-2020-training-camp-at-heinz-field/"]https://steelersdepot.com/2020/06/steelers-making-plans-to-hold-2020-training-camp-at-heinz-f HOMESTEELERS NEWSSTEELERS WIREPODCASTNFL DRAFT INFOPRIVACY POLICYCONTACT USDONATEGO...
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    Soloman Thomas anyone

    49ers have declined his 5th year option he is kind of a tweener in sf sceme not quick enough to play on the edge at 6"3 280 ideas as a 3T but in Saleh system he was only being used at the 1t on most run sub formations. with tysson having 1 year left, could be a good...
  17. F83

    tj 5th yr option picked up

    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/04/28/steelers-pick-up-t-j-watts-fifth-year-option/ saw it on roto world sorry this loust source has the article
  18. F83

    When can teams start cutting players

    just wondering the date because these cuts should be no trainers because of salary and not worth the salary Foster Chickello Vance once these are cut I believe it will free up 14 mill in room thats just breathing room for a bud extension, what vets can be restructued or will...
  19. F83

    Free agent TE's

    Been seing bleacher report and other websites making suggestions like Hooper Ebron there is no way Atlanta will let Hooper go Ebron will cost to much we if we did not have the Dupree and TJ option issue we could of squeezed in. As suggested we need to likely cut Vance because...
  20. F83

    Continue the throwback trend every year

    we play really well every time we have wore throwbacks from the time we brought them back I don't know what our record was for 1994 for the 1933 jerseys but I believe we were 3-1 in the 1960's and as well 3-1 in the bumblebee jerseys, Color rush 2-0, 70 vintage 2-0...