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  1. steel dino

    TJ Sunday

    It don't matter. If I was the Ravens I would not have Jackson throw more than 10 times all game.. If they just keep the ball on the ground with Jackson and the backs, they will run for 350 yards easy..
  2. steel dino

    College Football Week 14 - Championship Week

    Cincy and Alabama both lose 1. Georgia 2. Michigan 3. Oklahoma St 4. Notre Dame
  3. steel dino

    Report: TJ Watt Placed On Covid List

    Do you think Watt is second guessing signing on the dotted line with this team?
  4. steel dino

    Steelers- Bengals prediction thread #Welcome2theJungle

    Bengals - 27 Steelers - 17 Bush makes a solo tackle.
  5. steel dino

    Steelers Make Roster Moves for Sunday

    Not a fan of Ebron...let him walk... As for JuJu....once again if Ben is back...so is JuJu
  6. steel dino

    College Football Week 13 Rivalry Week

    Go Irish! See you guys in the playoffs!
  7. steel dino

    Butler called out Devin Bush

    Our scouting team missed badly on this kid. They (Tomlin included) were enamored with his speed and agility, and forgot that in the NFL you also need physicality and size, especially for the men that play inside the hash marks..
  8. steel dino

    Fan bases most likely to start a fight

    If this was the 70's....I could possibly agree.... Lots of passion then generated by "real" yinzers of days gone by...
  9. steel dino

    Pens hockey 21-22

    Jarry playing very good lately.....but you have to consider the competition during this stretch of games..
  10. steel dino

    Why no mention of the elephant in the room?Cam Heyward punch

    Best Steeler D-Lineman punch since Mean Joe...
  11. steel dino

    Maybe I should have gotten drunk.

    Yeah...but on the bright side ---Steeler Nation was very well represented last night!
  12. steel dino

    Game Balls, Game Goats & FU's.......................@ Chargers.....

    Is 8-8-1 considered a losing season? Just asking..
  13. steel dino

    College Football Week 12

    I like the cougars chances Coolie.. Tune has improved tons this year..
  14. steel dino

    College Football Week 12

    No one wants to play the Irish right now!... The have improved week over week this season and are now playing some very good football... Would love to see a Pitt-ND bowl game.
  15. steel dino

    Ben is playing against San Diego

    Not only that Ben will probably be rusty....but also possibly at a higher risk of injury due to inactivity... Like most of us.....Ben's mind tells him he is still 29....
  16. steel dino

    Roethlisberger Activated from COVID-19 List

    Most grateful that Ben is well and is expected to return but....They should of kept him out another week... With all the starters out....I dont think even a Brady/Belicheat combo could pull this one off...
  17. steel dino

    The 5 Greatest Tackles in Steelers History

    Yeah right...I bet he never tries that again lol..
  18. steel dino

    James morgan Qb

    Is Bortels still with GB or did they release him after Rodgers returned?
  19. steel dino

    Bosa had Covid too… Break for us.

    Unless Hebert is out....this one is going to be ugly and not worth losing sleep over Sunday night...especially with Ben being questionable..
  20. steel dino

    Who Turned Out To Be The Worst Draft Pick In Steelers History?

    JOHN REINSTRA? 9th overall in 1986.