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  1. CharlesDavenport

    Plan to improve draft picks for teams that hire minority candidates

    Here is a Goodell useless nod to affirmative action. I am against affirmative action and it would really suck if the NFL started that crap, so I am relieved that at least this plan shouldn't affect anything. And...
  2. CharlesDavenport

    I can turn the sound on for MNF again

    Finally, Booger and Tessitore are out. That was brutal. https://sports.yahoo.com/report-joe-tessitore-booger-mc-farland-will-not-return-to-esp-ns-mnf-booth-200846364.html
  3. CharlesDavenport

    Just watched ESPN 30 for 30 on 1983 draft - "Elway to Marino"

    Very interesting. I forgot a lot of that drama around Elway and Baltimore. Of course I hated the part about Marino and the Steelers. That's Noll's one big fuck up. How many would we have by now? I think we'd be working on one for the toe.
  4. CharlesDavenport

    Everybody wants Andy to win one

    In my experience, when everyone is talking about a guy like this, he loses. KC is a little too happy to be there. In the background SF is looking to kick their ass. Just feels like SF will win.
  5. CharlesDavenport

    ESPN Primetime is refreshing

    Wish it was always on regular programming. Like those guys.
  6. CharlesDavenport

    I am enjoying the NFL playoffs again

    I don't know if its because the douchebags got eliminated early, or the Ravens got exposed, but I am digging this playoff season. I got so used to either the Steelers sucking in the playoffs and/or the douchebags winning, that I forgot how much fun this should be. Maybe its because I've finally...
  7. CharlesDavenport

    Ravens or Titans

    Pick em.
  8. CharlesDavenport

    Philip Rivers was crying

  9. CharlesDavenport

    Seattle got ass fucked on that no-call

    Inside two minutes, how does that mugging not get reviewed? What a joke.
  10. CharlesDavenport

    Can we please stop with the chicks running the pregame show?

    Yeah, I hate women playing in the football sandbox. They did not grow up playing football, they did not grow up watching football, and they are not qualified to talk about it. It's fake as a hell and just stop it.
  11. CharlesDavenport


    When will they get rid of Booger? So annoying. Shut the fuck up!
  12. CharlesDavenport

    Belichick & Saban: The Art of Coaching

    HBO documentary. Really good. Feelings about either/both aside, these guys live and breathe coaching football and this is a great documentary. One thing that stands out is that both believe that coaching is about understanding and teaching fundamentals. It's core to Belichick's "Do your job"...
  13. CharlesDavenport

    J-E-T-S suck suck suck

    This is shaping up to be a slaughter.
  14. CharlesDavenport

    FOX Pregame Show is the best

    All ex-players and coaches. Not trying to force diversity by feeding some woman stats and talking points. Yes, I harbor misogyny in my football coverage preferences. Chicks have The View. Let me have my football.
  15. CharlesDavenport

    Pete Carroll vs. Mike Tomlin

    I don't like it at all.
  16. CharlesDavenport

    Socialism doesn't work in football

    SJW Rooney's making the point. Pats making the counterpoint. I hate it.
  17. CharlesDavenport

    Who will be at camp and how will we find you?

    I will take my family up to camp this year. I would like to meet some of you assholes. How do I do that?
  18. CharlesDavenport

    Colin Kaepernick reaches settlement with NFL

    https://www.cnbc.com/2019/02/15/colin-kaepernick-reaches-settlement-in-collusion-case-against-nfl-lawyer-says.html So a guy is an annoying twat who alienates the fan base so nobody wants him on their team and that's collusion? Fuck that.
  19. CharlesDavenport

    Enough with the cheating - they are excellent

    I grew up on the winning side of excellence. It was awesome. The 70s Steelers were excellent. The talent was awesome, the coaching was awesome, and the result was excellence. It was a bar that no other team could get over. Dallas came close. They were tremendous, but they were not excellent...
  20. CharlesDavenport

    OK Put me in the NFL is fixed camp

    Thought you fuckers were nuts, but after those calls in Pats game, it is a joke. That is all.