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    Chiefs vs Bills

    Kind of wanted to see the Bills go to the SB. What they endured through the Kelly years and now this......
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    Chiefs vs Bills

    Best defense in the NFL they say..... Hopefully this Mahomes/ Kelce/ Hill shit will have run its course till the Steelers have a chance again. First few years was OK but now its getting annoying.
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    Packers vs 49ers

    Well the Titans got Tannehilled and the Niners were just about to get Garropoloed, but the Packers special teams said, "hold my beer".....
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    Diontae Johnson Pulling for Mason Rudolph as Steelers Next QB?

    I am sure Mason is pulling for Dionte to actually catch the balls he throws to him too... :sneaky:
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    Pens hockey 21-22

    Same here.... Glad we are done with the midnight hockey.... Would like to know what Sullivan said after the first to light a fire under some asses lol. That was 5 unanswered against pretty damn good team from the west, in their building. Sweet.
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    Overhaul Starts Tomorrow

    And with what its going to take to fix the line, they need one with mobility. That means we will get a statue who has to have both feet firmly planted on mother earth to complete a pass most likely.
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    Steelers- chiefs game thread #PlayoffEditionPlayoffs?Playoffs?Playoffs!

    Its like we all knew this was going to happen but it doesn't make it feel better watching it..... I actually wish they had not made the playoffs so Bens last game would have been a win. Not this clusterfuck.
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    Steelers- chiefs game thread #PlayoffEditionPlayoffs?Playoffs?Playoffs!

    You know, for some reason I don't completely blame him..... He doesnt catch the fucking balls and run the correct routes and overthrow or completely miss guys when they do run the routes....
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    Steelers- chiefs game thread #PlayoffEditionPlayoffs?Playoffs?Playoffs!

    3rd and 20 and they give up a TD... lol
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    Steelers- chiefs game thread #PlayoffEditionPlayoffs?Playoffs?Playoffs!

    He needs to learn how to catch the damn ball on another teams time..... Or maybe take up tennis.
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    Pens hockey 21-22

    Danged if I didn't fall asleep in the 3rd....Damn west coast games hard on us old folks. Nice to see Geno get plugged right in and start rolling. Getting Carter back is a big plus too. He is good at winning faceoffs and they won a lot last night. I just hope this team keeps rolling like this...
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    What would you rather?

    The draft pick thing doesn't bother me near as much as the distinct possibility that it will be status quo again next year in regards to coaching changes. If they would have lost out and missed the playoffs some meaningful changes would have taken place. Now? Not so much I am afraid.
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    We go back to KC

    Yes you are right.....Brady and Gronk and Welker padded stats every year they played the Steelers due to the middle of the field being vacant. They still have a nack for giving up 3rd and 15s too....:sneaky: They were the number 1 run defense for years though.
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    Oh please, oh please

    We will get back to the dark side after next week I am afraid. I am happy that Ben got to go out this way but since I am Mr. Pessimistic with this team I fear many of the changes most of us wanted the other week won't happen now.....
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    We go back to KC

    That was quite a different team back then on the defensive side of the ball. Those looooong gashing runs you see now? Not happening back then.
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    Chargers Head Coach....cost his team that game!

    I could not believe that call. You think its just a offsides attempt then they snapped it to everyone's surprise and got stuffed.... Mrs. yelled from other room to stop yelling at TV lol.
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    Pens hockey 21-22

    Be nice if I could have actually watched it.....This ESPN+ BS sucks. The highlights I seen looked like the Pens were skating circles around the Flyers. They looked pathetic.
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    Antonio Brown

    I remember when he first came into the league with the young money how quiet, humble and shy he seemed in some of the interviews. Must have been an act.
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    Ben Roethlisberger Confirms Monday Likely His Last Home Game

    Quite a few times over the years if I remember correctly, Bens oline was set up to fail. Remember "Hey Oline, who's laughing now? That was 2008.....And then the line got so bad they almost killed him a few years. Probably took years off of his career with the lack of talent evaluation that went...
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    Steelers - Chiefs game thread #TheCardiacKids

    They clearly focused on "fundamentals" this week in the lab....