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    Analysis: NFL moving closer to 1st female head coach

    It would be great if it was the Steelers. One of the first teams to start a black QB(Joe Gilliam), one of the first teams to hire a black head coach in the modern era. Now they could actually be THE first in hiring a woman head coach. Make it so...
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    Chris Simms preaches the Canada/Ben Gospel for slow learners

    Explains it to the deluded starting at the 2:00 minute mark.
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    Aaron Rodgers Signing With The Pittsburgh Steelers Is Reportedly “Heating Up”

    LOL....Just for you Ben superfans: https://dailysnark.com/2021/12/05/aaron-rodgers-signing-with-the-pittsburgh-steelers-is-reportedly-heating-up/ Back in October, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers sent social media into a frenzy when he was seen sharing a moment with Pittsburgh Steelers head...
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    Why no mention of the elephant in the room?Cam Heyward punch

    I looked around and noticed no one mentioned what Cam did. First of all disclaimer: I love Cam and acknowledge he is a great Steeler and will certainly be remembered as a Steeler legend if he continues playing the way he has, but that punch on Herbert was a POS move. Then he followed it up by...
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    Ben says he WON'T be playing at 44

    So he has no intention of following in Brady's footsteps....but what are the chances he changes his mind? I'm sure everyone remembers the Mason Rudolph drama with Ben getting upset over Mason being drafted. This is after throwing out that he might retire at the end of the previous season, and...