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    Post Ben Mock - a different take

    Been a long time since I've posted, but I figured I'd throw my 2 cents in Your score is: 52641 (GRADE: A+) Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 20: Charles Cross, OT, Mississippi State (A+) Didn't need to move down or do anything other than the normal Tomlin sprinting to the podium, one of the top OTs...
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    Was Wisniewski brought in to start?

    Agreed. Either would be plug and play, but I value Ruiz more because he can slide into C once Pouncey retires with the hope of having a continuation of quality C for another decade
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    Sean Davis signs with Redskins

    F coach
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    BJ Finney to the Seahawks

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    Mason Ruldoph Responses to Myles Garrett

    Or stop allowing one word to have so much power and realize it's a word, nothing else. Regardless of how it's used or why, if people stopped giving that word power it would be meaningless. Or, perhaps the black community could stop using it to address each other, in music, in many contexts and...
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    Is it time to be concerned with Edmunds?

    Oh another Cooch, "Pat myself on the back" attempted thread. You had a 3rd round grade on him my ass, you mean WalterFootball had him as a third round grade or some other draft site where you get all of your "analysis" from. Everyone sees through your BS, no one believes you have football IQ...
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    7-5 and we found our QB for the rest of the season

    Thus you post and prove his point. Moron
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    DeAndre Hopkins- class act

    He's one of those WRs like Fitzgerald that's top 5 at his position and is just humble, quiet, and just goes about his business without causing headaches. The greats don't have to be divas. I'd have Hopkins on my team in a heartbeat, great kid
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    Jackson > Rudolph

    Yeah it's amazing how race can never be mentioned, just names and yet somehow there is a racial undertone? Gtfoh, I'd have taken Moon, McNair, and McNabb in their heyday anytime as my QB, and I agree I'd take Mahomes or Watson now. Race is irrelevant, style and success is relevant, keep that...
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    Ben and Mason's First Five Games Comparison

    Again that's a disingenuous conclusion, the comparison was with Ben at the beginning of his career, no one has seriously stated this team is better with Mason than a veteran Ben, it was a comparison of their early careers because that's all we have to go on with Rudolph considering he's only 5...
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    Ben and Mason's First Five Games Comparison

    I've seen no one anointing him, in fact I've seen harsh criticism for a guy who has only started 5 games
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    Ben and Mason's First Five Games Comparison

    Nvm you were right it was ward, just went and watched the highlights
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    Ben and Mason's First Five Games Comparison

    That specific touchdown was actually to Cedric Wilson I believe
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    Steelers - colts game thread

    No I've just decided to respond to you with level of acumen you have proven yourself worthy of, moron
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    Steelers - colts game thread

    That's a forced turnover, not an apple turnover
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    Steelers - colts game thread

    My goodness you're such a moron
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    Steelers - colts game thread

    And yet again, as will always be the case, you're a moron