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  1. JMM

    Intro to the Post Game Press Conference

  2. JMM

    Tailgate Tunes---San Diego---LA Chargers game

    This just rolled over my Pandora channel..Awesome tune:
  3. JMM

    It is time....

    to make the Steeler Chili....
  4. JMM

    Streaming tonight's game?

    My old tried and true internet stream has apparently gone dry....Can anyone advise a good (and free) streaming service for tonight's game via IM? Thanks
  5. JMM

    Tailgate Tunes

  6. JMM

    Game Day Menu

    I made a 1/2 batch of Steeler Chili. Switched up the beans this time and am going with Bush's Spicy Kidney beans rather than the medium heat pintos. Also using 3 red jalapenos rather than 2. I tested it and it is hot as hell already. I took the dog outside and came back in to find our cat...
  7. JMM

    Tailgate Tunes

    Throw a quarter in the jukebox and pick a tune for pregame
  8. JMM

    Afternoon games---

    F the Packers.... That is all...
  9. JMM

    I miss Tunch...

    No offense to Bill H but Wolf needs another old school player to talk with during the game. It was entertaining to hear Tunch and Wolf just talk shit during the game. They could make the most boring preseason game fun to listen to. Hang in there Tunch!!! Hope you're doing ok
  10. JMM

    Steeler Chili is almost ready..

    It smells like a winner.. (can't get the photo to attach....)
  11. JMM

    Pens Hockey 2021?

    Is there going to be a season?
  12. JMM

    Hey, it was a pretty damn good run..

    I can almost guarantee I'll never see another streak like that. Not bad when you don't lose a game in almost a year. Great stretch, now lets beat Buffalo!!
  13. JMM

    Who else is taking a half day off tomorrow?

    Assuming the NFL doesn't cancel the game again? Zoom SN Tailgate at 2:30?
  14. JMM

    Post Game Jukebox

  15. JMM

    Post game tunes

    Holy moly...too close for comfort but I'll take it and this old rocker will enjoy it:
  16. JMM

    Reeling in the years...

  17. JMM

    Pittsburgh Dad------

    Like the Bad News Bears reference at the close.
  18. JMM

    Orange Bowl

    Anybody watching it? I just tuned in and it was 27-21, thinking there might be an upset but FL just went up another touchdown ,,,maybe they are reviewing it now
  19. JMM

    Hello. My nams is JMM and I'm a Steelers Fan

    Hello. My name is JMM and I'm a Steelers Fan Its been over 20 hours since I last watched the Steelers. :) What the hell happened this season? Seems like it just started a couple weeks ago, next thing you know its over. I figured they would fold up like a cheap suit after Ben went down but...