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    2022-2023 schedule?

    Does anyone know what division the Steelers are going to play next year? I know it’s usually released around April/May’ish I’m thinking maybe AFC East?
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    Heading to Philly … need places to eat

    Heading to Philly tomorrow for the Eagles/Giants game…. I know I know.. but the kids love the Giants and it’s a promise I had to keep… Anyway any recommendations on places to eat or what to do? Me, GF and 16, 19 years olds. Next year strip back to Pittsburgh is already planned.
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    What FA are available?

    Who is available that could help this team?
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    What division do the Steelers play next year?

    We normally play a division every year besides the AFCN. Does anyone know what division that will be?
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    So what’s up with Brady?

    Is he going to test free agency or is New England going to open up the check book
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    The Mr Big Chest AB curse

    The Mr Big Chest AB curse.... Raiders don’t make playoffs. Steelers dont make the playoffs. Saints bring him in for a visit, they get upset and knocked out. Patriots employed him for a game, they get upset and knocked out of the playoffs. Just sayin’..... no SB ring for Mr Big Chest
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    Dez Bryant...?

    He’s looking to play again.... OSU connection. He can return kicks. Is he worth a chance? Maybe take some pressure off JuJu
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    Where did my rep go? And..

    Where did my rep go? And how can I be a contributor again? Thanks, Skott
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    Steelers locker room article? Tension link?

    Someone posted yesterday a upcoming article about the tension in the locker room and how everyone was pissed off after the games Does anyone have a link to that? Was it posted yet? I can’t find it anywhere and it sounded like a good read..
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    Cry baby Brown at it again.. suspended?

    Supposedly he got into it with Mayock and the team will suspend him... What a head case..
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    Gotta love this AB Tomlin parody

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    Has anyone read this Brown article? It’s a good read

    Found this... a pretty good read about Brown, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the lack of character he has at times. Explains a lot about his background and attitude. He’s not always the nice person he puts on for media...
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    Are the Chiefs now are target location for Bell?

    KC released Hunt. Do they draft a RB or do they try to throw big money at Bell? What do yinz think?
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    NY Jets 2019 schedule..

    Let’s just say Bell goes to the Jets... the Steelers are on their schedule next year 2019... Just sayin’
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    Is this a draft the Steelers should trade up for a LB or CB?

    Is this a draft the Steelers should look st moving up? Is it worth moving up for Mack Wilson or a CB? If so who are on the radar? Thanks, and Go steelers
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    This offense is fun to watch...

    Yes it’s preseason. But it’s positive.. It’s fun to watch our RBs go without stuttering and hip hop dancing behind the LOS. It should help the Oline as well. Thoughts?
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    So which players are gonna sit out?

    Reports of multiple players willing to sit out until Reid and Kaep are back playing. Anyone know who these guys are? I think they should sit out.. go collect your money somewhere else then and find a new career. You’re hired by a team to do a job and play football. You’re not hired to be an...
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    Should the Steelers trade Bell?

    Is it even possible? Would the Steelers trade Bell to the Giants and draft Narkley? Bell will get his $$$ and we’d get a healthy, faster, less drama and off the field issues for the next several years.
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    Too funny...

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    Rejoice! The Raiders want to hire Gruden

    I’d love for this to happen. That way I don’t have to listen to him on TV anymore.