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  1. Hines57

    Titans signing Bud Dupree listed among worst decisions of offseason

    I'll take the 3rd or 4th round comp pick for the signing.
  2. Hines57

    Freiermuth comparisons

    Bingo. I would have selected Creed there myself and traded up if they felt they needed to for Freiermuth.
  3. Hines57

    BREAKING – The Steelers select P Pressley Harvin III

    Was texting when this guy got drafted that we got a fat Sepulveda this time. At least it wasn't an early round pick. Late 7th round is not a bad time to draft the best punter in the draft.
  4. Hines57

    Big Al Signs with Rats

    I have more respect for Big Al as a US Army Ranger than as a football player. You wear purple and you are an enemy of my beloved Steelers. It is as simple as that.
  5. Hines57

    Why did Tomlin & Colbert not address our Secondary?

    Lots of time left to address corner if they feel they need to add someone. Layne getting arrested doesn't help the situation at all. We may get lucky and find a cap casualty later in the year.
  6. Hines57

    Big Al Signs with Rats

    Thanks Big Al. You are now dead to me.
  7. Hines57

    Steven Nelson Wanted An Extension in Pittsburgh

    Lots of cap issues around the league. Teams had to cut players they didn't want to and Nelson falls in that category. Given a normal cap year, this guy gets extended as he earned it. Not sure if they can go back and re-sign him but they did that with Vince Williams so who knows. It would be nice...
  8. Hines57

    Quincy Roche drafted in the 6th round

    We will take him. I think our biggest issues in this draft were going TE too early and trading up for a position we didn't have a huge need at.
  9. Hines57

    Nothing about us trading for another pick - Isaiahh Loudermilk, DE

    Kid now has huge expectations to produce. I think it was a reach and not worth giving up the draft capital. Even with an extra comp pick next year, we could have used that to bolster our depth and special teams unit and not given away a future cheap contract.
  10. Hines57

    Report: Steelers Declining Terrell Edmund’s Fifth-Year Option

    He's replaceable and shouldn't be given a blockbuster contract. If we can get him where he's not priced at the top of the market then great. If not, we move on and they will have to find a replacement. Another team signs him and he should be worth a comp pick between rounds 4-5, which is...
  11. Hines57

    BREAKING: Steelers Draft Najee Harris

    That would suck to draft a guy in R1 and only get 3 good years out of him.
  12. Hines57

    BREAKING: Steelers Draft Najee Harris

    How long til Tomlin runs the wheels off Najee?
  13. Hines57

    Predicting the Steelers Day 2 Picks

    ILB in R3 over TE or OT?
  14. Hines57

    BREAKING: Steelers Draft Najee Harris

    Why didn't they update the schemes and formation last year when the running game didn't work?
  15. Hines57

    Who’s left for rounds 2 & 3?

    OL in R2 is a must. Other areas of need, ILB, TE, CB, QB.
  16. Hines57

    Why the Steelers Should and Will Draft a Running Back in Round 1

    I don't dislike the pick. I just hope they can get people to block for the kid. He also has one extra year of wear coming out as a senior. RBs have short lifespans in this league. I think we could have done better with longevity going OL, but that's why Colbert makes the big bucks and I'm here.
  17. Hines57

    Report: Steelers Giving Mason Rudolph One-Year Extension

    Doubt it would happen tonight, if it happens.
  18. Hines57

    Rodgers Doesnt Want to Return to GB

    Where is that god damned template?
  19. Hines57

    Killing time before the draft, Twitter discussion I saw,

    Both had very good careers. One screwed the pooch though.
  20. Hines57

    Why the Steelers Should and Will Draft a Running Back in Round 1

    Take the best C in R1 and then go get an RB. The lifespan of a good C far outweighs a short window the RBs have.