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  1. steel dino

    Titans signing Bud Dupree listed among worst decisions of offseason

    All I know is ...our defense went south shortly after his injury..
  2. steel dino

    Watt new contract?

    Just Do It!
  3. steel dino

    Alejandro Villanueva comments on leaving Steelers, joining Ravens

    I think Big Al is going to do better in a Ravens uni than most people believe he will...
  4. steel dino

    Legendary Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw calls out Aaron Rodgers

    Nothing to see here--- Just another entitled athletic.
  5. steel dino

    Veteran OTs - interested?

    I would schedule a visit with Dennis Kelly. Younger version of Big Al.
  6. steel dino

    Pens Hockey 2021?

    Your lucky to be alive..lol My wife is from Deptford. We currently live about 2.5 hours south of there in Delaware near Rehoboth Beach. I get those looks here also...and from alot of Caps fans that vacation down here... BTW - fuck them all!
  7. steel dino

    Slippery Rock QB Roland Rivers III.....

    I'm sure he is a nice enough young fellow... But there is a "football" reason why he went to Slippery Rock.
  8. steel dino

    Pens Hockey 2021?

    You got that right man! That is the main reason they are my most hated franchise in all of sports! Flyer fans are still living in the 70's and thinking the game is still about pulverizing your opponents into submission by playing filthy hockey! I believe they think that's how you get 2 points...
  9. steel dino

    Pens Hockey 2021?

    No surprise... Bettman is a pretty fart smeller.. He know Wilson is a ratings bonanza, especially to the casual fan of the game that want to see extreme physicality and border line violence during playoff time..
  10. steel dino

    Big Al Signs with Rats

    Big Al will never be dead to me.
  11. steel dino

    Pens Hockey 2021?

    Settle down boys... Their human...no energy....no urgency...a real stinker of a game.... however after beating the Caps on their ice two games in a row, this team knows it can play with anybody... They also know...playoffs start in about one week...
  12. steel dino

    Report: Steelers Declining Terrell Edmund’s Fifth-Year Option

    Seems like the correct call... You have to give the Steelers credit (or not) in regards to their highly drafted players... They give them every opportunity to get that second big contract…even if their play is not meeting the expectations of a high draft pick. Their commitment to their high...
  13. steel dino

    Might the Steelers bring these two in to bolster roster?

    I do like the "mentoring" philosophy when looking at veteran free agents to bring in...DeCastro needs to step-up become the new leader of the O-lIne IMO... Staying with the "big brother" and "mentoring" mind-set...I still would love to bring Fitzgerald into the WR room...
  14. steel dino

    Photos of Najee Harris and Dan Moore arriving in Pittsburgh

    Didnt know Najee was a Republican?
  15. steel dino

    Draft Grades

    Lets go with B-
  16. steel dino

    BREAKING – The Steelers select LB Buddy Johnson

    Yeah I read that also... Not sure of his value then? They must see a role somewhere...I am thinking competition for Marcus Allen?
  17. steel dino

    BREAKING – The Steelers select LB Buddy Johnson

    Tweener. Hybrid safety/lb role?
  18. steel dino

    BREAKING – The Steelers select Dan Moore OT

    He reminds me of John Jackson.
  19. steel dino

    Nothing about us trading for another pick - Isaiahh Loudermilk, DE

    Oh shoot it Isiah with two h’s !! Damn!