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  1. Hines57

    Steelers interviewing Hue Jackson for OC

    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">The Pittsburgh Steelers interviewed former Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson earlier this week for the offensive coordinator position per a league source.</p>— Dianna Russini (@diannaESPN) <a...
  2. Hines57

    Crapsheet reports Haskins met with Steelers

    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Former Washington Football Team QB Dwayne Haskins has a visit with the <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/Steelers?src=hash&ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#Steelers</a> today, sources say. Some potential QB depth and upside. The free agent and...
  3. Hines57

    3 Titans test COVID positive

    Well shit. Keep them the hell away from us if that's the case. https://twitter.com/TomPelissero/status/1310946413879197697 The #Titans had three new player positives and five new personnel positives for COVID-19, sources tell me and @MikeGarafolo . Both Titans and Vikings, who hosted them...
  4. Hines57

    Time to buy 91 jerseys

    No knee for Stephon Tuitt. https://twitter.com/DOCnation_7/status/1287760493449555968 stephon tuitt @DOCnation_7 Also I’m not kneeling for the flag and screw anybody who have a problem with that. My grandmother was a immigrant from the Carribean and age worked her ass off to bring 20 people...
  5. Hines57

    Wormley to Steelers from RATS

    Wormley and a 7th to the Steelers for a 21' 5th round pick https://ravenswire.usatoday.com/2020/03/20/ravens-trading-de-chris-wormley-to-steelers-for-2021-nfl-draft-pick/ We have a rare intradivision trade on our hands. According to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, the Baltimore Ravens are...
  6. Hines57

    Charger's play Renegade during 4th Quarter

    So the dumb fuck Chargers started playing Renegade briefly in the 4th quarter and then switched the song to Never gonna give you up. They were trying to fuck with the Steelers but all that did was fire up the Steelers crowd. Such a chicken shit organization run by the Spanos family. If there...
  7. Hines57

    Josh Gordon meets ban hammer, again

    Cheats take a huge hit at WR https://twitter.com/TomPelissero/status/1075761886954749953 Tom Pelissero ‏ Verified account @TomPelissero Follow Follow @TomPelissero More #Patriots WR Josh Gordon is facing another indefinite suspension for violating terms of his reinstatement under the...
  8. Hines57

    2019 NFL Salary cap

    The 2019 NFL salary cap is project to go up another $10M league wide. That said, with Shazier, Bell and a lot of dead money coming off the books, we should have around an estimated $30M before we start doing any new contracts. This front office better sign some splash players with that chunk of...
  9. Hines57

    Kelvin Benjamin was not used properly, he would look good in black and gold

    Kelvin Benjamin on the waiver wire https://buffalonews.com/2018/12/04/bills-release-wide-receivers-kelvin-benjamin-andre-holmes/
  10. Hines57

    LB covering WRs

    I saw a Twitter thread after the game last night and its just mind boggling the coaching staff hasn't figured this shit out yet. We can NOT have our LBs covering WRs. This is a recipe for disaster and the Chargers exploited the ever living shit out of it in the second half <blockquote...
  11. Hines57

    *Fairwell Miami

    You know who is en route.... https://twitter.com/LeVeonBell/status/1059535911300546562 Let the fun begin. Conner > Bell
  12. Hines57

    Burns burnt in practice by injury

    Status is doubtful for Sunday. This could get interesting with Sensabugh also banged up and a tight turn for Thursday night football next week. Left ankle/foot injury per DKPS https://www.dkpittsburghsports.com/2018/11/02/steelers-burns-injured-practice/
  13. Hines57

    Eli Apple traded to Saints, all eyes on PP

    Eli Apple traded to the Saints. Doubt they make a move for Patrick Peterson now. All eyes on you Kevin Colbert. Make the fucking trade http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25062647/new-orleans-saints-acquire-cb-eli-apple-trade-new-york-giants
  14. Hines57

    Tomlin presser AFC Divisional Week

    Tomlin says they treated last week like an in season bye week. Did some physical work with those who are available. Gave those who needed time to rest and rehab. Great week for AB. Full participant in practice yesterday. Excited about where he is. His participation will be gauged by his...
  15. Hines57

    Harrison visiting Cheats at Gillete

    https://twitter.com/STEVEBURTONWBZ/status/945717241554890752 STEVE BURTON ‏ @STEVEBURTONWBZ 56m56 minutes ago More Just got word of a James Harrison sighting at Logan Airport this morning. Patriots Nation, that would be awesome. #WBZ https://twitter.com/FieldYates/status/945730069338710021...
  16. Hines57

    Tomlin presser

    Haven't made a decision whether to play starters. Want to do what's best for team short term and long term. Will play to win an AFC North game Not worried about #1 seed, we have no control over that. We better take care of the business in our stadium Not concerned about possibility of rust if he...
  17. Hines57

    Steelers sign ex Cheat Stevan Ridley

    Signing per Twitter, no link yet. Replaces Conner LINK: http://www.steelers.com/news/transactions/article-4/Steelers-sign-Ridley/542369c8-53bc-4a9d-95d4-bffd35b78fdf
  18. Hines57

    Pittsburgh dad cheats edition

  19. Hines57

    Tomlin presser

    Conner to IR, surgery today AB leg contusion, out this week Ramon Foster in concussion protocol Vance McDonald could be back this week, ditto for Haden
  20. Hines57

    Sean Spence signed

    Welcome back Sean Spence, signed today with Shazier and Matakevich hurt