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2 B or Not 2 B a "STEELER FAN"!!

Thom K.

New member
Thom, from Fontana,Cal. We were the FoHi Steelers!!! In Little League I was on the Pirates!!! The Steel Curtain was Alive & Well!!! T.B. , no. "12" , was the quarter back!!! Times were "Good"!!!!!

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Welcome. I lived in CA until about 12 years ago. there were a million Steelers fans there. We used to take over The Murph when they came to town.

Drink IRON City

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Thom be prepared and welcome to the GREATEST message board STEELERSNATION.COM on the planet. Also be prepared to be razzled / dazzled / spit out like wet noodles? / commended / bitched at / and anything else you can think of.......... Well maybe some of those things anyway.

All aboard....!!!

Salute the nation