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Calling out Draft Bust Edwards


He is a less smart but slightly faster brent alexander. Coaches get enthralled by players sometimes… you see tomlin bring in a plethora of failed first round picks that we heavily scouted trying to rehab them and it rarely works.. at leat it looks like they will cut bait on him and not reup him for a fifth season

I don’t think he is bad, but safety play drives a lot of the 3/4

The the nt or dt in the center is the lynchpin

The olbs force the pressure needed for tge scheme to work or tgey draw blocking away from others

The safeties are tge key guys that capitalize on errors forced by the pressure

We need a better guy than edmunds so teams don’t simple shy from Fitzpatrick and target his area
They declined his option, but I expect them to make an effort to resign him at a more reasonable price



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Hard to judge these guys in butlers defense even the veterans seem lost at times… they should do as rest of league and play double safeties deep and pull bush and play eddy as third safety/linebacker where the safeties and dbs bracket the wrs the S/LB and a linebacker bracket the tight-end it’s simple, easy, and effective and he’ll end up in that spot for another team like the rams or the chargers, Broncos maybe and be all-pro… butler just can’t defend the tightend and he can’t put players in a position to make plays.. guys like shaz and watt have something extra but guys like that are expensive. in a simple defense some of these guys could be awesome0 but bush is going to have problems…


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Edmonds is the product of being drafted way higher than he should have. If he was a third rounder we'd be okay with his production as a starter. He's just always a step too slow or behind.


When Edmunds was drafted many here said WTF, 1st round that would be there in the 3rd. Today all were right.

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On Edmunds future with the team, it’s a tough call. If they don’t sign Minkah, it feels like they have to re-sign Edmunds. If Fitzpatrick is signed to a long-term deal, how much do you pay two safeties? Then again, will Edmunds even cost that much?