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DeSean or Odell anyone?


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He requested the trade ........ no interest ......... so now you can't go back....... most teams just cut ties

Imagine him sitting on his couch if the Rams make it to the show
I understand that certain vets bet on themselves and their talent to be traded, but some teams don't need or want the drama. No team to sniff at Desean says a lot. It's not he is lacks talent because he is fast and a good receiver. Has to be a little more to him clearing waivers when teams could use him. Teams talk.




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Desean if he wants to accept the role we'd have for him. Which is probably to just run like 8 deep routes a game and then f-off the rest of the time.


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Desean is 34. He really doesn't have any room to demand anything from anyone. If someone pays him much more than the vet minimum, they are crazy.


Shane Falco

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Can I go with option C- neither? I would kick the tires on Todd Gurley if he would accept the role as a back to take a series or 2 off of Najee. He would be an upgrade over Ballage or Snell- even with his arthritic knee.


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ill take Jackson to replace WR reps for Ray Ray and Miller replace for Washington