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James Pierre: “I knew they were coming at me again”

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If yinz was at Heinz Field on Sunday as the Pittsburgh Steelers finally got their first home win of the 2021 NFL regular season, this time against the Denver Broncos, yinz were probably experiencing exactly what I was experiencing: Joy. And relief.

Of course, this feeling wasn’t limited to the near 60,000 in attendance, but all of Steeler Nation as the team arguably played their best game of this frustrating 2021 thus far. In a game where the Broncos threatened a late 4th quarter comeback, it was the secondary that stepped up. With no Cam Sutton due to injury, this was James Pierre‘s time to shine.

.@TuneLight1 called GAME

— Pittsburgh Steelers (@steelers) October 11, 2021

With just two starts under his belt, the 25 year old, 2-year veteran out of Florida Atlantic knew he needed to make up for a play earlier in the 4th quarter where he was burned for a 39-yard touchdown by Broncos wide receiver, Courtland Sutton, and another where he dropped an interception. With quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and the Broncos driving and down by 8 late in the game, Pierre was able to step in front of Bridgewater’s intended throw to the end zone to save the day for the Steelers. Pierre finished the game with a team-leading 6 tackles, and a game-sealing interception.

Pierre took to the media after the joyous finish and explained what was going through his mind in the final moments, and what that meant for him moving forward this season:

“I knew they were coming at me. I got beat. I knew they were coming at me again.” He continued. “Keep my eyes on my work, and that’s what I did. Keep my eyes on my work, and I took two steps at the receiver, and looked back for the ball and caught the pick. Out-of-body experience [laughs], but it was crazy.” He ended with, “I know they coming. I love it. Just gives me [a chance] to show everybody what I can do. Fight for my team, and just keep fighting no matter what happens.”

Hear straight from Pierre here (3:46):

Hear from Chris Boswell, @The_fridge53, @trai_turner, and @TuneLight1 after our win over the Broncos. @HeinzTweets pic.twitter.com/YIpryWSSzy

— Pittsburgh Steelers (@steelers) October 11, 2021

How do yinz think Pierre did all game? Will he be a reliable cornerback for the Steelers for the rest of the season? Click to comment below!


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Good job Pierre. I also saw how someone said Watt didn't do much in the game (he obviously wasn't watching the same game I was). Well, on that play, Watt was breathing down the QB's neck and caused him to throw it quicker than he probably wanted to. Sacks and tackles aren't everything.

Drink IRON City

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Wee wee Pierre.
The guy came up clutch when he had to.

I need to learn more french so I can give this guy some nicknames lol

Well playing with the "Wee wee" whether French or not, seems to be getting yaz there...................... LoL

He did come up clutch and in time we needed him to. I think as he plays on field he will let the game slow to him

Salute the natio
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Drink IRON City

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The secondary spends many plays chasing the receiver and back to ball with no clue when thrown. Pierre actually played the receiver and watched the ball as he intercepted, why isn't this done more often by this group

Coaching has a hand in that but our coaching seems to think that if they can't play their position at this level thay can't help them.

Fine tuning by coaching is generally accepted at this level, just saying.

Salute the nation