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Keith Butler Critical Of Devin Bush’s Play; States How He Can Fix It

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In case you haven’t noticed, Pittsburgh Steelers inside linebacker, Devin Bush hasn’t been a fan favorite from SteelerNation in recent weeks, and honestly most of the season.

After another poor performance last weekend against the Los Angeles Chargers, defensive coordinator Keith Butler talked about Bush’s lack of production and mentioned some ways he can improve it this past Thursday when speaking to the media.

“Playing linebacker is knowing the front and knowing the coverage. It’s a little bit more than just knowing the front, it’s a little bit more than just knowing the secondary. He’s got to know both. For him to play as much as he has, he’s got to learn more and more as time goes on for him. The more he knows, the quicker he’s going to reach, the more confident he is.”

This is definitely something that SteelerNation has been critical of Bush on when watching him play. He has shown the ability to make plays with his speed and agility when he reacts quickly to what is happening in front of him. However, more often than not it appears he is much too slow to pull the trigger and attack or execute what he needs to.

Some people point to Bush’s knee and recovery from a torn ACL last season as a reason for his struggles. He has shown the ability to make plays in space and pull the trigger when needed, so it is unclear if that is still an issue, but Butler mentions he is unclear on that situation as well.

“I don’t know if it’s his knee or not. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer for the knee to come around. And only he knows that. I don’t know how he feels making the cuts and stuff like that because you’ve got to be able to run forwards, you’ve got to be able to run side to side. He does everything a linebacker has to do. In order to do that, sometimes if you’re not right or your knee is not right, then you can’t do it as you need to do it, but I’m not going to make excuses for him.”

One thing is certain, and that is that Bush is not currently playing up to the level he needs to. The leash needs to be short with him as the Steelers are not in a position to wait for him to turn his play around sitting at 5-4-1 and in a tight AFC playoff race. Ideally, we all see an uptick in his play and he helps elevate the defense to even higher levels.

What do you think of Bush’s play this season, and do you think someone like Robert Spillane deserves a chance if his struggles continue? Let us know below!


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