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Loss #2 To The Bengals? Vegas Says Yes

Steeler Nation

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As it stands right now, the Pittsburgh Steelers are currently predicted to lose to the 6-4 Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. The current spread on the game is -3.5 in favor of the Bengals.

There is hope that top players T.J. Watt, Joe Haden, and Minkah Fitzpatrick will play. With these players in the lineup, this will hopefully be a huge help in stopping Bengals quarterback, Joe Burrow. Burrow is currently 2nd in the NFL in interceptions and 5th in passing touchdowns. More on the interceptions; Burrow is first in the NFL in pick 6’s with 2.

With the top defensive players possibly coming back for the Steelers, there is definitely a chance that they steal a win on the road. Along with the star-studded defense, it will be another opportunity for Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to prove that he is able to be the Steelers star quarterback. Even if he is not leading the league in passing yards, he is still capable of putting together games in which he can throw multiple deep bombs down the field.

If the squad loses this weekend, what are their chances of making the playoffs? Should the Steelers be concerned about the Bengals this weekend or are there bigger things to worry about? Click to comment below!


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Ron Burgundy

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Playoffs? Playoffs? Are you kidding me? Playoffs? We'll be lucky if we win a game.
Take the Bungles and the 3.5 all day.



Unleashing Mediocrity Since 1/22/07
They will run the ball at will and the WR will run OPEN all day long. This could be the game that a "injury" takes Ben out for awhile. Not sure he came back for this...and I mean a headache, my arm, my hand type Eddie George injury

Fiji Mariner

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“Steal a win” that these words were written about an upcoming Bungles game is quite embarrassing...not that it isn’t a true statement

Let’s whatever we do this game, go in with a strict, rigid game plan which plays to the opponent’s strengths, does not expose their weaknesses and no matter how poorly things go not adjust to anything....the standard is the standard Mikey...don’t disappoint by doing something stupid like beating the Bungles, something your future HOF QB has made a career of.