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Mock our draft


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Rules: As always, if you change a pick it has to be for someone who went after that pick was taken. If you pass on the player we did take, you must assume he would then be gone by our next pick. Do Not create trades. Sure, I would have loved to trade down in 1st getting one of the top 3 running backs and some extra picks, but there is no way to know who may or may not have been looking to trade up. DO keep the trade we made, is there someone else you would have liked to trade up for in the 5th?

1. Harris RB. No brainer. I would have taken Darisaw here had he fell to us.
2. Creed Humphrey C. 1st round talent. Friermuth may be Heath 2.0 but then again he may not.
3. Spencer Brown T. Huge dude with huge upside. The C and T we did take will hopefully impact our running game. It seemed too important to me to wait that long.
4a. Brevin Jordan TE. I had him in the same tier as Friermuth, Hunter Long and Tommy Tremble
4b. Keith Taylor CB. I like the Buddy Johnson pick but, after losing Hilton, cutting Nelson and having another corner in legal trouble I just see the secondary as bigger need.
5. Talanola Hufanga S. This is the guy I would have a made a move for, instead of a defensive lineman.
6. Quincey Roche. No change here. We need depth at LB/Edge and this guy is just as good a choice as any at this point.
7a. Shaka Toney Edge. Double up on developmental LB's.
7b. Shakur Brown CB. Any pick here is better than a punter. Brown was rated as high as a 4th rounder on some sites. I wouldn't risk him signing elsewhere and just double up on corners.



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1. Teven Jenkins, LT, Oklahoma
Jenkins was the highest ranked player on my draft board so that's who I went with. I like using premium draft picks for premium positions who will be with the team for 10+ years. Jenkins would step in at LT and be a foundation piece for the next decade.

2. Creed Humphrey, C, Oklahoma
I was fine with taking Humphrey in the first and I had him right behind Jenkins. I get why the Steelers took Green, but Humphrey is a very good prospect with a terrific RAS and extremely productive in college.

3. Elijah Molden, DB, Washington
Way too good of a prospect to pass up at this point. Perfect fit to play the nickel role for the defense.

4a. Rashad Weaver, EDGE, Pitt
I know Weaver got into some trouble on the South Side. We'll see what comes of it, but as of now, I'm under the assumption I did not know this on draft day and grab a player who will be a well-rounded edge defender.

4b. Kenneth Gainwell, RB, Memphis
Gainwell isn't a workhorse back, but I go out and sign a veteran and use a RBBC approach. Gainwell offers elite ability as a receiver out of the backfield.

5. Jamar Johnson, S, Indiana
With the uncertainty at safety with the future of Edmunds, I grab the highest-rated prospect on the board.

6. Trey Smith, G, Tennessee
Smith has some medical red flags, but also some big time talent. I didn't enter the draft needing a guard, he was just too good to pass up. This gives me three future starters on the OL in one draft. Factor that in with Dotson last year and it is a quick rebuild for the offensive line.

7a. Marvin Wilson, DL, Florida State
I'm always a fan of adding talent in the trenches each year. Drafting purely for upside here.

7b. Shakur Brown, CB, Michigan State
I liked this pickup after the draft and am good making the move here. With Hilton and Nelson both gone, there is plenty of room to add quality cornerbacks to the roster.


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1st: Najee Harris. I wanted Horn and Surtan, but they were ranked way higher. I consider ETN, CB Newsome, and EDGE Owah, but I feel the best value is the top RB in the draft here.

2nd: Pat Freiermuth. Said it day 2 to start the draft show. We're drafting OL unless this guy is on the board. He was there, and they took the 2nd best TE in the draft, and heads and shoulders above the rest of the class. C Creed was my next target.

3rd: Quinn Meinerz: If you're going to draft a center, draft a center. Not a guy who might be a center in the NFL. Here's to hoping the Steelers are smarter than I am. Consider EDGE Patrick JonesII and CB Melinfowu

4th: Dan Moore Jr I'm going Tackle here no matter what and Moore can play both tackles, so he's an immediate swing tackle and and upgrade at our extra tackle position from Hawkins last year. I didn't like this pick when it happened, but after reading up on the guy, and them loving him at the Senior Bowl, I can see why it was made. Considered Ts Ball and Smith

4th: Cameron McGrone: No offense to Buddy, but I take an ILB from a power 5 conference and a team captain with slightly better pass coverage ability.

5th: CB Shaun Wade: We need a starting NCB, and he would have been it. Thought for sure this was the target when we moved up, instead of drafting a position that is returning all 7 of its rostered players from last year (DL). I hope he is as good as Heyward, as the coaches are likening him to, just don't ask me what I think about the guy... Wade was my only target in the 5th.

6th: OLB Quincy Roche: Don't change a thing here. Absolutely love this pick and where we got him. May be the 3rd swing rusher off the field to spell TJ and Highsmith.

7th: P Pressley Harvin III: I seriously consider OLB Shaka Tony, but since I got my guy the round before, I'm grabbing the punter a little early to ensure I can get the last guy.

7th: ILB Grant Stuard: Mr Irrelevant is now relevant!! I grab the whirling dervish, team captain from Houston. He's my 2nd special teams pick of this round and can be a big contributor on kick coverage teams in year 1.



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I wouldn't change anything. The Steelers are clearly changing the offensive philosophy. They realized they got soft and went about changing that.

The would never take a year and rebuild, but I do think starting with this draft they have a 2 year plan to get ready for life after Ben. A strong run game and a great defense with a decent QB can win in this league.