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Pittsburgh Dad on the Seahawk Game





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The dog under the table, hell my old dogs would retreat into the farthest reaches of the house with the wife. After a while if they heard any game come on, goodbye and I swear I never laid a hand on any of them for any reason. Even the wife.



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other than screaming GET DOWN!!!!!!!!! at Bush when he was running around with the ball after the fumble, it is pretty close

oh and the unkind things I said on Ben's "fumble"

even my 18 year old son was having heart issues in the 4th quarter and OT
Thought he might mention the Hall of Famers there to be on hand when the new class got their rings. It was great to see the 70s crew still going. They don't appear to age from year to year. Especially Franco.

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"Who wants to spend a Sunday night lik this"

SUPER AWESOME and spot on take of the game.

Coolie, thanks for posting these thay really do make my day !!!!

Salute the nation


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That was pretty good. Definitely stressful with anger, but not superbowl XXX anger or the greatest pissed off I've ever had in a football game....

Jesse James caught that ball!

Just typing that out sets my sails on fire.