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Podcast tonight at 6pm


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Hey guys, trying to do a podcast tonight at 6pm. A LOT to talk about with the cuts, final roster, IR, Watt, and pickups.

Any questions?



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You solo-ing it? What are some corners and OTs out there that you like or that the Steelers might be interested in? What is your Steelers Bills take? How many games are you planning to attend this year? Will Loudermilk dress? 😁
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1) Did the team take to big of risk in the handling of Banner's injury?

2) Which is more true...a) Tuitt's mental over his brother...or...b) Tuitt's knee injury...................... in moving him to IR

3) What is the % shot of Joseph taking over Edmonds spot ?

4) Dan Moore Jr. is living a great story (rightfully so due to hard work), is his demeaner NASTY enough for the NFL.?

5) Cope, you've been spotted out side the US boarders on two different occasions doing various things. The one consistancy has been you version singing "Proud Mary", which air line do you use in most instances when traveling abroad ???

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