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Pressley harvey111 taken at 256


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dual threat P can throw as well had a great career Last year he won the Ray Guy Award, an honor reserved for the top punter in all of college football He’d earn that big bronze trophy on the strength of an ACC-record 48-yard net average on 45 punts, 18 of which landed inside the 20-yard line. No! Don’t click away! What if I told you it isn’t just Harvin’s leg that’s big? What if I told you that he looks like he spends more time watching football than playing it, packing in excess of 260lbs onto a 5ft 11in frame? There are defensive ends on the board right now who who would have trouble stopping him. And there are probably a number of quarterbacks who’d have a hard time going throw for throw with him, too. That’s right. In addition to that leg, Pressley has a strong arm. And he knows how to use it. A P who can pin the ball something Berry cant do, good competition