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**PSA** Casting Opportunity for HARDCORE STEELER FANS / Pittsburgh, PA or nearby


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My name is Cyrus and I work with Dan Bell Casting in Los Angeles. We specialize in ‘real people casting’ for commercials, tech industrials, etc., which means we find people doing real and interesting things vs. just hiring actors to go through the motions.

We are currently working on a Paid Documentary style Project (cannot mention clients name at this time), and are searching around Pennsylvania (preferably nearest Pittsburgh area) for families, groups of friends, individuals of all ages, ethnicities, and background that have held football parties and are hardcore Steelers Fans.

*Note*If someone feels like this role would be a good fit, but you'e not located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, please still submit AND/OR refer someone you may know, as focuses can change.

I was reaching out to forums and hardcore Steelers Fans to pass the word about this project, and I wanted to send a flier detailing this role for you all to take a look and possibly post/share this within your close circles (facebook groups, community forums, etc. - if it's allowed) for everyone to see. Also if anyone comes to mind (co-worker, friend, family, neighbor etc.) please feel free to pass this flier along, as we are trying to get the word out about this as much as possible.

We will be having FaceTime or Skype interviews this Friday, November 8th from 10am - 5pm (PST). The actual audition itself only takes about 10 - 15 minutes, this is just the entire window we have available to interview folks.

For anyone interested there is a simple submission process listed on the flier, as well as an email to send the submission to (steelernationcasting@gmail.com).


I’m also including a link to some of our recent projects so you all can see that we are indeed a legitimate operation.

Dan Bell Casting:


<a href="https://ibb.co/7GZJp6w"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/7GZJp6w/Pittsburgh-Casting-Notice.jpg" alt="Pittsburgh-Casting-Notice" border="0"></a>

Thanks again,

Dan Bell Casting
Los Angeles, CA
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