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Questions for Stefan Logan


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Hey SN!

Have Logan on the show this week. Any questions for him? We record the show tomorrow at 2pm.




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do you realize what an honor it is to speak with G Stryker?

Any good memories from your season in Pittsburgh?

What does it take to make a good kick returner in the NFL?


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I liked Stefan. Dude was fast.

My questions
1: Being that nfl players often looked at in terms of size. Was it intimidating playing in the league at a small stature?

2: I’m a fitness junkie. Any general training secrets the Steelers did as a team in terms of programming or were workouts customized based on individual/position?

3: Do you keep in touch with the guys in your football career? Whether its the Steelers/Lions or those canuckster teams you played on?



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We know about Logan the player, what about Logan the man? What has he been up to and how is everything going post football?