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Questions for the Podcast today


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Hey guys, I'm recording today for the 2pm release tomorrow. Any questions for me? Don't hold back!



Drink IRON City

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Hay Cope, I've been a busy sonny-gun. Harvest time and my company is balls to the wall.

1) Expand on the topic of Tomlin/Canada not allowing audibles, players not up to snuff on the verbage this far into the season.

2) Media is trying to braIN wash the public, is Ben really done ?

3) Can Dan Moore overcome or is he just out manned for this season ?

4) Will Banner live up to expectations ?

5) Might have to retire my LUXURY 97' S10 but don't fear as I may replace it with a LUXURY 94' Ranger, any feelings on that.? (NOTE: If I do I change I plan on giving the Ranger a Black & Gold Rhino liner type paint job, entire body)

As usual, thanks for doing these I do listen while making supper(s) when I can.

Salute the nation