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Questions for the Steeler Nation Podcast tonight


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Hi guys,

I went to the hospital yesterday with heart palpitations and trouble breathing. I was tested and released. Feel much better today and should be symptom free and clear Covid quarantine by kickoff!

We have the Browns game today, any thoughts on the Browns or on our team that you want us to discuss tonight?

Shoot me your comments. Thanks guys!



Paul G

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Glad you're feeling better Cope

With all the injuries the Browns have sustained lately ..... do you still think they can reach the playoff this year.
Will they look to move on from Baker Mayfield if they do not reach the playoffs

Does Tomlin and company have a shot at the 7th seed this year


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Do the Steelers have a legitimate shot at the playoffs?

What should the starting OT look like when Banner is set to go?

Is Heyward the best DL player in the league right now?

how much do bye weeks suck?



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Don't slack step that Covid right out the door. What did you think of Loudermilk's Seattle performance? is Norwood a future starter? Pretzels with beer cheese a go or nogo?


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I am curious about something I saw in the Seattle game. When Seattle got into the game after half, they went to the running game, but they attacked the Steelers defense like I have seen other teams do over the years. Get the action flowing one way, and then the running back cuts back.

My question would be two fold. Why does these seem to work so well against the Steelers defense, and why don't we see similar concepts in the Steelers offense? Is it just something with the Steelers defense that makes that approach work?