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Report: Kevin Colbert Among NFL GM’s at UNC Practice

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While the Pittsburgh Steelers are beginning to prep for this Sunday’s home opener against the Las Vegas Raiders, general manager Kevin Colbert is keeping his eye on some potential future prospects. He was seen today at the University of North Carolina attending their football practice:

Great catching up with @steelers GM Kevin Colbert and all of the NFL scouts that came to practice today. pic.twitter.com/MtABCRXbhM

— Mack Brown (@CoachMackBrown) September 14, 2021

Most will speculate he was there to scout quarterback prospect Sam Howell, but knowing Colbert, he likely has his eyes peeled for any type of talent he may find intriguing.

When the time comes, we will likely find out why Colbert is there and who he was looking at. Until then, the season has officially started, and the Raiders are up this weekend for the black and gold. They will look to build upon last week’s win and start the season 2-0.


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Fiji Mariner

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Not sure Howell is any good either, time will tell but from what I’ve seen so far...unimpressed

maybe he can find FWP ver 2.0 while he’s down there?



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Kevin has to be alert to all QB possibilities for the next draft since Ben’s replacement is not on the team. We have to draft Ben’s replacement next draft and do what it takes if it involves moving up. The time is upon us because I don’t think Ben will play beyond this season.


Drink IRON City

Contributor whining about a tag
Due diligence.


is exactly how I see it. Kevin is putting the miles needed to be a GREAT General Manager. .He seems to find talent and by checking everything he hears about out is how he comes up with his picks. He seems to do pretty good. If anyone thinks this is an indication he is picking Howard then you'd be wrong what it is is he is scouting. Simple as that.

Salute the nation


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Im not really sold on this years batch of qbs… i really hoped we’d grab a guy last year if one fell, cause that class looked deep…. Im fine with letting Haskins and Rudolph takectheir shots if Ben hangs it up after the season

you take a qb high when you feel great about one… not just because you need one. Draft a bad one too high and it can set your team back several years…


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Howell is Danny Weurffel 2.0. Small, stocky , awkward throwing motion and weak arm. He was carried by 2 incredible RBs and great WRs last year. He is just a guy.
That's just it, with a good supporting cast, any player will look better. Not saying they should consider the home town boy, Kenny Pickett in the later rounds, but he does fit the system and performs pretty well with next to no running game.


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Did you just define the Cleveland Browns?
Cleveland is what it is because the ownership built a very poor culture there… part of that is instability…. Its no coincidence that sticking with the enigmatic mayfield has helped them a bit, but yeah their piss poor drafting of qbs has really hurt tgem

they burn through staff, head coaches, front office guys and even owners at an incredible pace too… there isn’t anything to build on most of the time too