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Steeler Nation League Season 3





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this isn't going to screw up and have the 1st round be our keepers and then start the second round with the guy who won last season getting first pick is it?


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According to the draft results page, the last place team will have the first picks in the second round....first round will be keepers.

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It looks like Justin has it adjusted right. I was the last place team and will draft 1st to start the 2nd round.


Good JuJu
Damn Slu only show up once a year to take our money. Congrats.

Yeah, that fucker has won it each year. I'll get everyone paid up by the end of the week. Need to make sure everyone paid.

If you haven't and know you haven't please pay me.

If you need paid your winnings please leave your payment information here. Venmo or PayPal.