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Why you should become a contributor

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Good JuJu
Obviously the number one reason that we ask for members to become contributors is to help support the site and pay the bills. It isn't cheap in the least bit to keep this site going.<b> ALL </b> the money that is contributed from the users is put back into the web site in some function. Recently during the 2015 NFL draft some may have experienced slowed access due to the large amount of users online during that period of time. As a result of the many users that have come through with donations and trusted us in our development of Steeler Nation we will soon have a solution for that problem. We will be moving to a server with unlimited bandwidth and as a result will be able to handle everything we throw at it.

If you are a contributor you will receive the following benefits:
Access during Steeler games - users that aren't contributors will not be able to access the football side of the forum 2 hours before kick off until 2 hours after the final whistle. This is to ensure that all paid members receive the best and fastest access on gameday.

Access to the Arcade - We have brought back the arcade and its back better than ever. Over 1000 games with unlimited access.

Ad Free - You will never see an ad

Contests - Every so often we will be running contests that will have prizes consisting of signed Steeler memorabilia, or even Steeler tickets to home games.

- avatars
- post attachments
- see attachments
- give negative karma
- see who left you karma
- 100 message storage on PMs
- put users on your ignore list
- signatures
- full custom profile options
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