Antonio Brown Bringing in Some More Drama?

More drama inside the locker room? Not this time, but star Antonio Brown is now being accused of nearly hitting a toddler with a piece of furniture, which was described to be very large, that apparently was hurled from a 14th-story balcony. This occurred during an April tantrum of sorts that wasn’t described any further.

Star WR, apparently threw multiple large pieces of furniture, two large vases and an ottoman. While happening at his Florida apartment’s balcony, these objects were extremely close to hitting a 22-month old child and his grandfather (court documents cited).

And this isn’t a story just looming around the grapevine for some extra attention, The lawsuit explains in detail about the surveillance footage showing the vases and ottoman hurling from the balcony and just missing the child and his grandfather. One of the vases shattered right by the child and same with the ottoman and the grandfather (court documents cited).

Security and police also entered the scene having to deal with an ““extremely agitated, acting aggressively, and yelling at security personnel” (lawsuit cited). Brown is being sued for assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress by Ophir Sternberg. Sternberg’s comment on Brown was close to that he had no “regard for human life.”
Brown has until till Oct.11 to respond to the lawsuit and there have been no comments made by Brown or the Steelers organization.

On top of that, a second lawsuit was filed by the landlord of Brown’s apartment is suing for damage to space and furniture.
The second lawsuit by the landlord says that Brown breached the agreement by “destroying, damaging defacing the premises, as well as furnishings and appliances,” belonging to Sternberg.

The landlord’s attorney spoke to the media and said, “Apparently, there was some kind of altercation in the unit, which led to him throwing a vase off the balcony – it’s the 14th floor- off the balcony and this 3 to 4-foot vase, by good fortune, fell into the hot tub and there was nobody in the hot tub. When the police arrived, they described that there was broken mirrors, broken tables, other pieces of furniture were broken. The condo association then ordered Mr. Brown to vacate for violating the rules. When he vacated, the owner went back in and it looked like there had been a real large college party in the unit,” attorney George Minski said. Damages in the house were estimated to be about $100,000

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