Can the Steelers really beat the Saints?

In short, yes, absolutely. As hard as it is to believe it, the Saints are a beatable team, and yes, even when they are at home. To be completely frank, the biggest opponent of the Pittsburgh Steelers isn’t the Patriots, Jaguars, or Ravens. It is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Game after game this year (especially during the three-game losing streak) the Steelers have beaten themselves. Poor defensive play, boneheaded play calling, dumb decision making, or an amalgamation of the three have been the biggest thorn in the Steelers side this season. However, despite that, they have won two historically difficult games. They beat the Jaguars (who they lost to twice last year, including in the playoffs) and the Patriots (who they have not beaten since 2011). If those are games the Steelers can win this year, then the Saints are certainly one of them.

For many Steelers fans, it is painfully obvious that the Steelers play at the skill level of their opponent week in and week out. They go from losing to arguably the worst team in the NFL in the Oakland Raiders to beating the New England Patriots. Which is just astonishing to say the least. Frustrating, but astonishing. The key to winning this game is going to be exploiting the pass game while still keeping a consistent run game, effectively scoring, but also keeping the Saints high powered offense on the sideline. On the defensive side of the ball, the pass rush needs to get there like it has a majority of the season, and the corners just have to manage to not get burnt (fingers crossed). 

This game is extremely winnable for the Steelers, especially with their flare for the dramatic. They always love to give their fans anxiety by making them question week to week whether or not they will be a playoff team. Hopefully the Steelers play their best football and the Ravens play their worst, so that way the Steelers clinch yet another AFC North title and give all Steelers supporters a collective sigh of relief. 

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