Dolphins Filed Missing Persons Report For LB Timmons

Lawrence Timmons quickly signed an 11 million dollar contract with the Dolphins to leave the Steelers this past offseason. Things seemed to be going well for the LB as he was solid during the preseason for the Fins.

Then things took a weird turn on Saturday night. The Dolphins went to check on everyone to make sure they were in their rooms in Southern California hours before they kicked off against the Chargers. That’s when they discovered that Timmons was missing from his room. After attempting to contact him, and calling family and friends to locate him they filed a missing persons report to the police.

Timmons was eventually located early Sunday morning at LAX waiting to board a flight back to Pittsburgh. He was said to be attempting to get back to the mother of his child because he missed his family.

He was eventually taken back to the hotel by a Dolphins staff member. It was determined that he was not in the right state of mind to play on Sunday and was inactive for the game. Thus the missed game ended his streak of 101 consecutive games started.

More to come on this strange story as details become available.

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