ESPN Picks 6 Steelers For Their Top 100 NFL Players

By Tyler Candelaria

(5) Antonio Brown– ESPN rated AB the number one receiver in the NFL. Brown has been one of the most consistent players in all of football which makes this 5 slot well deserved.

(8) Le’Veon Bell– Bell was rated the number one running back by ESPN. This is a well deserved spot for Bell, as long as he stays on the field, keeps putting up monster numbers he will only continue to climb. Oh, and get paid as well.

(39) Ben Roethlisberger– ESPN listed Big Ben as the number 5 QB in the NFL. With the Steelers dominant offense this spot seems just about right for Ben.

(58) Ryan Shazier
– After not cracking the players top 100 list in the NFL, Shazier cracks ESPN’s Top 100 list. Shazier seems to be finally getting recognition he deserves as being a top linebacker in the league.

(72) Maurkice Pouncey– Pouncey has always been a leader in the Steeler locker room, and when healthy is one of the best centers in the NFL. Big Ben has always relied on a guy like Pouncey. Year in and year out he is proven that he is All-Pro caliber.

(73) David Decastro
– Another Steeler lineman makes the list as he should. Decastro is a 2 time pro bowler and was an All-Pro in 2015. Decastro is one of the many reason that the Steeler line is one of the leagues best.

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