How High is the Ceiling on the Steelers’ 2018 Draft Class?

The Steelers have had a very controversial draft. They did not directly address their need at ILB, they took offense with 3 out of the first 4 picks (and 4/7 total), and they weren’t exactly drafting for need. This team is supposedly trying to win-now, but their haul suggests differently, especially the pick of OT Chukwumu Orkarafor in the 3rd round. Furthermore, the majority of their draft class have scary-low floors. Edmunds, Rudolph, Okarafor, and Allen all have bust potential. Edmunds struggles to make secure tackles, Rudolph’ stats are inflated, Okarfor is a developmental prospect, and Allen can’t cover. For a team that is trying to win now, it sure seems like not many of their draft class is NFL-ready.

James Washington can be an immediate replacement for Marty Bryant. His deep-play ability may rival the best of ’em from Day 1

Yet, their is something very promising about this bunch. It’s their ceiling. Insane potential. Edmunds is an athletic freak, even drawing comparions to the great Sean Taylor. He can do it all, playing strong and free safety, along with in the box and the dime. Rudolph has undeniable arm talent and throws one of the best deep balls in this QB class. Okarafor is versatile and can be the long-term replacement for almost anyone on our current O-line. Marcus Allen is terrific in the run, and playes hard-nosed, “Steelers” football. James Washington and Jaylen Samuels have off-the-charts ability. Washington seems to be a sure thing, and Samuels, even as a 5th rounder, can soon have starter potential. Even UDFA’s Matthew Thomas and Quandree Henderson could be competitors.

Steelers have taken some big risks with this draft, especially considering the team is missing just a few pieces for a SB run. But, if it pans out, the rest of the league better watch out.

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