Is Jaylen Samuels the Biggest Steal of the Draft?

With the 28th pick in the 5th Round, the Steelers selected NC State Running Back/Wide Reciever/Tight End Jaylen Samuels. Yes you read that correctly, he played 3 three positions in college and excelled at all 3. Samuels is one of the most efficient players in the draft whether he’s lining up as a running back, full back, tight end, or receiver. Many experts found it to be absurd that he was available at No. 165 overall.

Samuels stat line over his four college seasons makes is clear just how incredibly versatile he is. He had 201 career catches which is an NC State record, and he averaged 9.2 yards on those catches. He also averaged 6.1 yards on 181 carries, and he scored 28 of his 47 touchdowns running the football.

His fall to the 5th round was essentially due to the struggle to find what position to play him at. Samuels is not your typical fullback, he is definitely shorter than teams would like in their tight end, and he is heavier than you see in most receivers. One Scout wrote, “Here is the problem I’m having in writing my report. Does he have any special talent or is he just a player who is used in a variety of roles? Is he really, really good at any of his roles or just versatile? That can be the difference between going in the third round or the fifth round.”

Im guessing many teams felt he did not have any elite skills at a single position which essentially makes him a utility player who could back up multiple positions. Despite this many experts gave the Steelers an A grade for this selection. On most teams he may not be a anything other than a back up but on an offense with immense star power, Jaylen Samuels may become a very productive player. Samuels has some of the same traits Le’Veon Bell and David Johnson have. Size, speed, and a great ability to contribute in the passing game. If Samuels is even half the player Bell or Johnson are the Steelers will have created yet another offensive mismatch for opposing teams to handle.

With such a range of talents there’s a large possibility the Steelers coaching staff will be able to use him effectively. It seems as though nobody knows if Samuels will be able to stay at running back or if he will spend more time catching passes. But there is one thing for sure, he is talented and versatile enough to be a contributor in this offense.

The Steelers said they intend to have him focus on the running back position and on special teams to start training camp. I suggest using your last pick in fantasy on him he could be a great flex/utility player down the road towards mid season.


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