Is Le’Veon Bell hinting at leaving Pittsburgh?

The topic of Le’Veon Bell‘s contract has been a sore subject for quite a long time now, spanning well before this past season even had it’s first practice. Regardless if you are on the side of the Steelers, who are trying to be as cost effective as possible, or on the side of Bell, who deserves to be paid with the highest running backs in the league, the time for a solution is nearing. Recently, Bell made a statement saying he now felt like a priority following his most recent contract talks. However, as the momentum seemed to be picking up, a stalemate is where the situation seems to be, as any definitive news on the subject has been nearly silent.

However, just recently, strange occurrences have been taking plays on Bell’s social media, starting with him changing his Instagram handle from @steelersrb26 to just @leveonbell a few weeks ago. The next oddity happened just a few days ago, when he changed his twitter avatar from him at a Steelers practice to him adorning no Steelers logos, and a thank you to Steelers fans along with a message referring to them in the past tense.

The final “evidence” came today, when he changed his YouTube channel logo, which had a black background at first, then was randomly changed to a red background. A very subtle change that could mean nothing, but also seems so small that he would not make the change in the first place.


Chances are that these are all small coincidences that do not actually have any real evidence to Bell leaving. However, if these truly are signs from Bell claiming that he is leaving, then that opens a whole new can of worms that should be saved for another day.


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